Triple and Return of Iljimae

I’ve been intent on finishing Triple, a Korean drama that I started a while back and haven’t had the chance to finish.



Although the ending of this drama disappointed its viewers, but I have to say I agree with everything that happened in this drama. In Triple, we have three couples and a number of triangular relationships. Most of the time I hate it when they have third parties butting into a perfectly good relationship, but in this drama it somehow made sense.

There was the wife who cheated on her husband and then wanted to get back together with him. It made sense to me that they split up in the end … otherwise she would have spent her whole married life asking for forgiveness and the husband would not have been able to forgive (it wasn’t in his character). The wife ended up getting together with her husband’s best friend, with whom she didn’t have this history of betrayal. He loved her for who she was and I got the feeling that if she ever strayed in this relationship, he would be able to forgive her. It seemed as if the guy fell in love with her on first sight, and he spends the entire drama chasing after her. He gave off the vibe of being a stalker, and his behavior was questionable, but the woman he was stalking gets with him in the end, so I guess she didn’t mind.

There was the 18 year old sister, Haru, who liked her 34 year old stepbrother, Hwal, (no blood relation), and they didn’t end up getting together even though there was love on both sides. Here, it made sense because Hwal knew that Haru was too young. He wanted to give her a chance to grow up and find out if she this was what she really wanted. He did the honorable thing and hid his feelings until the end. In the end Haru is enjoying college life, appreciates seeing Hwal again, but there is a distance between them. It almost seems as if Haru is turning towards the guy who has been chasing her throughout the drama (a 20-year-old skater). And we, as the viewers, were left frustrated because we can see that they belong together. But there’s always hope that they will eventually get together. This storyline was exactly like the romance novels one of my favorite authors writes. Diana Palmer writes about step-siblings falling in love and the fallout that occurs from that.

There was also a third couple, but that part wasn’t too interesting. Best friends end up sleeping together, dating and then marrying. The twist in this relationship is that the woman is the commitment phobe, and the guy has to convince her that marriage is the best option for them. I ended up enjoying the drama even though the main couple doesn’t get together. That doesn’t happen very often with me.

Also, I just recently started Return of Iljimae. It’s another Korean drama.

Return of ILJIMAE

Jung Il Woo plays and does a superb job as the serious, calm fighter. The story starts with his birth (he is the illegitimate child of a woman who was raped by her master). She gives birth, her child is taken away from her and abandoned and she is sent to be a courtesan. Iljimae is found by a beggar and then adopted by a rich Chinese couple. Years later, Iljimae returns to Korea to find his parents. He is able to find his father and is rejected once more, but is unable to find his mother until years later. In the interim, Iljimae falls in love with Dal Yi (ably played by Yoon Jin Seo) and loses her. He then meets Wal Hi (once again played by Yoon Jin Seo) and feels a connection but it is too early for anything to begin between them.

Iljimae goes to Japan, learns martial arts and comes back to Korea to fight corrupt officials. During his one-man war he realizes how much he loves Wal Hi. When he finally finds his mother, he is able to have one last conversation with her before she breathes her last in his arms (she took poison when she was wrongfully told that Iljimae had died). There is war between Korea and China, and Iljimae helps Koreans come back home after the war. When Iljimae comes back home 10 years later, it is to find Wal Hi and his son waiting for him.

I’m really enjoying this drama, even though it’s very melodramatic and over the top in its sense of tragedy. Sometimes I just want to get emotional, and all the tragic stuff that happens to the characters in this drama definitely ends up making you emotional. I’d describe it as a tale of Robin Hood, set in the distant past. One thing I”m not liking about the drama is how Wal Hi’s love for Iljimae has always been constant, but he leaves her behind multiple times and hurts her emotionally. But that is a part of who he is, and it takes him a long time to realize how important she is to him. So, lots of tragedy, people-saving, and a happy ending (which is the only reason I’m watching this drama).


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