Gokusen – Older Japanese Drama

Recently I have been watching Gokusen, an old Japanese drama, again. I enjoyed the first time I watchd it, and I believe that I have downloaded it 3 tmes because I get the urge to watch it every few years.


Gokusen is about the granddaughter of a 3rd generation Yakuza (Japanese mafia) boss. Yamaguchi Kumiko (nicknamed Yakumi) has always wanted to be a teacher, and at the beginning of the show she finally accomplishes her wish. She is put in charge of a class of delinquents and the drama series details how she gains the students trust and helps them. She is tough, having grown up in the world of the Yakuza, but also naive because she has no experience outside that world.Therefore, she is in the perfect position to understand her students (who tend to get into fights, ditch, and do all the things young teens do) and to help them.

There is a live-action drama, 3 seasons of it, an anime, and a 15-volume manga. I’ve seen the first two seasons of the live-action series, and although the 2nd season just gets repetitive, I found the first season refreshing, comedic, and a bit silly. Perfect to watch if you don’t want to take anything seriously. It’s fun to see her getting her first crush, feeling for and helping her students, and being tough when she has to be.

I’ve also started watching bits of the anime, and plan on reading the manga. If you guys have time, check it out and form your own opinions. There are some good Youtube videos, if you want to see what I’m talking about.

Here’s some fanart of the manga. Credits go to whoever made this wonderful picture.


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