LLM’s “Montana Creeds: Tyler”

How many people have read this novel?

I just finished this last night and was surprised by how much stuff was missing. Not only did I get confused with the dates and the ages (LLM really messed up on that part), but also with the plotholes. Here’s a man who cheated on the supposed love of his life. Never once did the heroine (Lily) question him on it. She never demanded to know how he could go from dates with her to another woman’s bed. Was something wrong with her? Or did LLM just forget to bring that part in? I would think an old infidelity, especially when a guy cheats on you, would rate one conversation, especially when the product of that infidelity is walking around in front of you. Not only was there no discussion, but she gladly accepted the child as part of their family. Lily was willing to forgive and forget, even though she’d lived through a hellish marriage with a perpetually cheating spouse.

The quality of this book reminds me of LLM’s Meg McCettrick’s book. There were so many questions left unanswered in that one too.

I don’t know. I might just stop reading LLM now. Or I’ll probably come at her more skeptically than before. Let’s see what her next book is like.


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