My Favorite Manga

Ever tried manga or graphic novels (as they’re known in the US)? They’re put out by Japanese manga artists, who use pictures and words to tell a complete story. I totally enjoy reading Shojo manga, which is the girly stuff – romance, drama, and everyday life.

Two mangas that I would recommend are Fruits Basket and Kare Kano. I loved how the author gave us an ending for every important character in the story. It was as if every character had their own intrinsic value, and weren’t just there because they were somehow connected to the main character.

I dislike it when writers write secondary characters in such a way that readers get the feeling that anything about them outside of their link to the main character is worthless. I am one of those people that has to know what happened to each and every person.

Other mangas to check out: Hana Kimi, Tenshi Ja Nai, Wallflower, Ouran Host Club, Goong or Royal Palace

Most of these listed below are incomplete, so I can’t tell you if they’ll be great reads all the way, but they’re worth a look. Although, Hana Kimi was good but it was one of those mangas that only gave a happy ending to the main couple and everyone else was left hanging with their stories left untold. You would think that with 20+ volumes out, the author could’ve found some space to ruminate on other characters.

Wallflower is a fun read, but don’t expect too much from it. It’s a story that doesn’t really go anywhere or just takes a really, really long time getting where it’s going. But it’s enjoyable in its kookiness.

I also enjoy Ouran Host Club for the same reasons. It’s fun with enough moments of seriousness thrown in to make it a worthwhile read. Love the main characters but love how it shares tidbits on the other members of the host club, as well. I can’t wait to see a progression in the King’s relationship with Haruhi.


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