Hi, My Sweetheart


I’ve currently been watching Hi, My Sweetheart, a Show Luo (playing Lin Da Lung/Xue Hai) and Rainie Yang (Chen Bau Chu) comedy that came out at the end of last year. The drama also stars Lee Wei (Ho Yen Feng) and Maggie Wu (Mo Li) as the respective other parties. I have to admit, based on what I saw of Show Luo put me off of the drama, and I didn’t even bother watching it when it first came out. But being bored out of my mind, I decided to give it a try and realized that I had almost missed out on something good.

The drama itself is a comedy. So, even if it does have some melodramatic  moments, more than that the comedy stands out. I found myself laughing out loud at multiple times, and that doesn’t happen often. So, one can’t really take this drama too seriously.

Xue Hai comes from a very rich family, and has been protected all of his life. He has been so protected, that he hasn’t had the chance to socially develop like other people. He wasn’t allowed to have friends. He wasn’t allowed to love. He wasn’t allowed to be out without his bodyguards. He doesn’t know how to ride the bus, etc. Therefore, he decides, at the age of 20, to go to China (from Taiwan) for further studies. Because he will be living unprotected without bodyguards for the first time, his sister tells him to live under a fake name. Xua Hai becomes Lin Da Lung, an extremely poor student.

At the university, Da Lung meets Chen Bau Chu, called Bau Chu Jie by all of her classmates, who shun her and are simultaneously afraid of her. Instead of believing all of the lies about Bau Chu (that she steals, is interested in money, is mean), he gives her the benefit of the doubt. He stays by her side, and starts to like her, when he sees the lonely little girl inside of thick shell Bau Chu has constructed around herself. And Bau Chu likes him for his sweetness, his innocence, and his loyalty, despite of his “ugly mushroom head”. The two fall in love, and date happily for 3 years. Near graduation, Bau Chu’s mother threatens Da Lung’s ability to graduate if Bau Chu continues to date him, and Bau Chu promises to break up with him, while secretly planning something else. But before she can talk to Da Lung, she is involved in a car accident and her mother tells Da Lung that Bau Chu has gone off to marry a rich man, something that Da Lung will never be.

The two meet again, 3 years later and Da Lung, now much changed and bitter about Bau Chu’s abandonment, decides to exact revenge. He is back to be being called Xua Hai, and has taken charge of his company’s holdings. His plan is to make Bau Chu love him and then dump her, the way she dumped him. As time goes along, he realizes that he is falling in love with Bau Chu  once more. And then the truth comes out. He realizes that Bau Chu had never betrayed him. When Bau Chu finds out the truth, she feels betrayed and angry. Things happen afterwards, Xua Hai loses his memory, Bau Chu forgives him and pursues, trying to help him remember, and eventually, the two get back together and live happily ever after.

I have seen Show Luo in multiple dramas. I wasn’t too impressed by him in Hi, Working Girl and stopped watching the drama mid-way through. I also saw him in Corner With Love, and wasn’t too impressed by the drama and dropped it 5 episodes in. I enjoyed Hot Shot, and watched it all the way through, but was left unsatisfied in the end. Show Luo’s character didn’t really go any further than the goofy little kid he was in the beginning of the drama.

It is only in this drama, that I got to see what a good actor Show Luo can be, when given the right character. He is extraordinary in his portrayal of Lin Da Lung. He gets across the timidity, the vulnerability of this man-child. And he gets across the idea that Lin Da Lung is someone who can be easily bruised, so handle with care. Show Luo’s portrayal of Lin Da Lung makes it understandable that a vibrant personality like Chen Bau Chu could fall in love with him. When he transforms into Xua Hai, he exudes a cool confidence that makes it understandable that all these women want to be with him. When Xua Hai dances with Chen Bau Chu at a party thrown in his home, you can see how the character is pulling Bau Chu towards him. But then, the character of Xua Hai devolves into an annoying mosquito that you just wish Bau Chu or Ho Yen Feng would swat at. That, though, can be blamed on the writers. Show Luo does superb acting throughout this drama.

Rainie Yang plays a credible Bau Chu. I like that she deepened her voice to play this character. Her voice, soft and light as it is, would not have matched this character. When Bau Chu Jie stalks down the halls of the university, you can see the anger vibrating from her. Rainie adequately portrays not only Bau Chu’s anger at the injustices done to her, but also her hurt at these betrayals. And when she falls in love, she allows Da Lung inside of her walls and shows him the sweetness within her heart.

Lee Wei does a good job as the long-suffering Xuezang, Ho Yen Feng, who has been in love with Bau Chu for years. He supports her, emotionally and financially. He helps her to search for Da Lung, and then confesses his feelings with confidence. He puts up with Xua Hai when he tries to drug him with a laxative, when he challenges him to a car race, playing chicken with a jet ski, or a drinking game. It gets  to the point where I find myself asking, “Why is this dude being so passive? Hit him [Xua Hai]!” Lee Wei portrays Ho Yen Feng well enough, that I find myself feeling sorry for the man because he won’t be getting the girl. But then, they do say that you can’t love to order.

Overall, worth a watch and most likely, you’ll end up laughing a lot more than you expected.


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