Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin


As I continue my journey down memory lane, watching old dramas that I fell in love with and then forgot about as I moved on, I looked up an old guilty pleasure of mine, Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin (There Is No One Like Jassi). This drama was based on the famed Columbian drama, Yo Soy Betty, La Fea. The drama starred Mona Singh and Apoorva Agnihotri, and I enjoyed the drama until it suddenly veered from its template (the one set up by Betty La Fea) and became your typical Indian soap opera. Now, I kind of wish that I had finished the drama, because I’ve heard there were some good parts afterwards, but I can’t seem to find any episodes online, although I have found bits and pieces on Youtube, and the earlier episodes on tudou.com (dubbed in Chinese! which was surprising.)

Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin was about a middle class girl named Jasmeet Walia, shortened to Jassi. Because she was such an ugly duckling, no one would hire her despite her impeccable credentials. Armaan Suri, the chairman of Gulmoher (a fashion house) gave her a chance and hired her. Jassi was grateful for that, and was loyal to Armaan until the end. Jassi became more and more important in Gulmohar, going from a secretary to an assistant, to owning a company called Kohinoor, to finally owning Gulmohar through Kohinoor. Because of her increased power, her importance to Armaan also grew. This man seduced her into believing that he loved her, just so he could control her, and, through her, keep his company. Jassi fell for it, until she found out that his love for her had been a hoax.

Jassi’s plan to get revenge, by making Armaan jealous of her affectionate relationship with her best friend, Nandu, and cutting herself off from Armaan (she is cold, seems uninterested, and won’t spend time with him). We see Armaan getting more and  more desperate, and lest the viewer think that Armaan’s concern lies solely with the possible loss of his company, we are told by Armaan and those who know him best (his best friend, Raj), that he is more interested in Jassi and Nandu’s relationship, than he is in the company. Armaan confesses his love for Jassi multiple times, and this time the words aren’t planned; they are not meant to manipulate. Armaan Suri is surprised to find that he feels that sentiment. What he thought was fake, turns out to be only too true. He doesn’t even know when he fell in love with Jassi. Armaan takes any opportunity to touch Jassi, and he wants to hear her declaration of love. He is jealous when Jassi touches another man, and he realizes how much he depends on Jassi, not just for work, but also depends on her to be his emotional mainstay. This man, who only thought of beauty, promises to leave his beautiful fiancé to be with the woman he has come to love. And I believe it. His desperation is too strong to be faked. Even though Jassi gets pulled in every time he confesses (she allows him to hug her, caress her, and seduce her into saying she still loves him), Jassi cannot trust him. After revealing his shenanigans to the board of the company, she leaves.

From here, the drama kind of devolves into your average Indian soap. Jassi returns, transformed into the beauty we all knew she really was, and pretends to be Jessica. Armaan, desperate to find his Jassi, sees hints of her in Jessica. He’s drawn to her, but never is he swayed from his loyalty to his Jassi. Only when he finds out that Jessica is Jassi, does he finally relent. Then we get the romance. Jassi and Armaan enjoy being in love, and then plan their marriage. But on their wedding day, misunderstandings cause Jassi to flee and don a new identity.

And that is when I stopped watching the show, feeling betrayed by the trumped up conflict that split up Armaan and Jassi. He feels that she cheated on him and betrayed him; she feels betrayed that he didn’t trust her. She runs off. And he marries his fiancé, Mallika. From the bits and pieces I have read, when they meet up, Armaan thinks that Jassi has married another. His pain at this realization, his need to touch her, knowing that it is forbidden, and his need to be with her, are brilliantly performed by Apoorva Agnihotri. I don’t quite know what happened after I stopped watching the show. I know that Armaan and Jassi eventually marry. Mallika dies, and a multitude of other people die. But I still love the parts that I watched.

Mona Singh plays Jassi. She beautifully portrays Jassi’s awkwardness, her desire to be appreciated by Armaan Sir, and her vulnerability. It feels as if Mona Singh is Jassi, aided by the fact that they actress kept her real identity secret for a good part of the beginning of the show. When Jassi is transformed, Mona is able to still remind the audience of the older Jassi. Even now, when beautiful, Jassi is still a bit shy, a bit awkward. And, most of all, she loves her Armaan Sir. Even when she knows that she shouldn’t.

Apoorva Agnihotri was the best. I really, really enjoyed his acting, and fell a little bit in love with Armaan Suri, myself. You have to admit, when an actor can make you fall in love with his character, even when the character is deceptive, manipulative, weak, arrogant, and inept, that actor must be great at his job. Jassi couldn’t help but love Apoorva’s Armaan either, even when she knew of his betrayal. Even when she knew that he had married another. She still loved him. She compromised her values for him. And that is the power of the actor. Apoorva Agnihotri portrayed Armaan in such a way, that we, as the audience, could forget his weaknesses and his actions, and remember only that he fell in love with Jassi when she was the ugly duckling. Armaan Suri’s love for Jassi was true, even when he did things that made you question his integrity, his honor, and his humanity.

The chemistry between the two actors was spellbinding. Their desperate need for each other, their desire to touch, even when it was forbidden, and their desire to love fairly flew off of the screen. Watching the drama, it felt as if Jassi and Armaan just belonged together, and the world would be a sad place if they did not get together. The chemistry was at its peak whenever Armaan came close to her, when he cradled her face in his hands and gazed soulfully into her eyes, when he desperately grabbed onto her, not wanting to let her go, and when he tried to get even closer … these are the moments that stick in my mind. To give an example of how powerful their connection felt to me, I heard of another drama where the two did not end up together, and the thought of that makes me sad. I wouldn’t say that Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin was a great drama, or even a good drama. But it was a guilty pleasure, and I enjoyed almost every minute that I watched of it.


22 thoughts on “Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin

  1. Hi Darkice,

    I was googling for “Jassi” when I came across your blog post about the show. Your intense commentary on JJKN had me sighing and thinking, “Wow, another one!” 🙂 JJKN was, and will remain my favourite Hindi show ever. So reading your post was like seeing my own thoughts on the computer screen. Perhaps the only difference is that I continued to watch the show right to the end, disregarding the nastier bits, because Jassi and Armaan’s chemistry was enough to make me cling on.
    If you are interested, you can join the Facebook group “Jassi Jaisi Koi nahin”….you might be surprised to know there are many who feel for it the way you do!

    • Glad to see that people still remember this show. I don’t have a Facebook page, but I think that I’ve come across the group in my recent searches on Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin. You know what? I wish that I had continued to watch the show, as well, it probably would have been worth it just to see the two on the screen.

      • Yes, some of the later scenes were beautiful, like Goa and their Malaysian wedding. I also loved their chemistry in that other show they did, but sadly the makers chose to have him end up with the other girl who looked more like his sister. Some of the videos are still available on youtube. Would you like me to give you the links?

        • Anjali,

          Thank you for the offer. I have checked on Youtube. I’ve found a ton of great MVs (in fact I’ve been inspired to make some of my own), and some great scenes. I’ve also found later episodes of the show (after the two get married and turn their attention back to Gulmohar), but I haven’t been able to find any scenes regarding the Raghav track (only interested since I’ve seen some great MVs with Armaan feeling rejected when he thought Jassi was married), their wedding, and the ending. If you know of any such videos, please let me know.


  2. Omg, I totally enjoyed reading your post. I recently started watching JJKN, and honestly feel the same way you do about this show. I also feel JJKN kind of lost its touch after the makeover of Jassi, but I love how Armaan stayed the same through out all of JJKN. I’m in love with this show so much that I even created a fan page for it on facebook. 🙂
    This is the only show I really ever fell in love with. I even love Apu’s character as Armaan Suri. Even though he did a lot of things that made me doubt him, in the end, I always knew he would love Jassi for who she is. I’m so happy to know there are others who still remember this show and love it just as much as I do.
    Thanks 🙂

  3. i am from israel and i must say that i have asituation that i can’t miss any appisode ofan jjk and if i am not at home i tape it. i just in love with thet actors and love hidi films

  4. Now this show is running in polimer channel(tamil) as “sakthi pola yarum illa” ( there is no one like sakthi). it is awesome

  5. I was searching for persons to discuss about JJKN.As you said the serial is awesome and no serial affected me as this one.Thanks to 14manda who uploaded majority of the episodes.I am a Tamilian ,after watching ” Sakthi pola yarumillai” sarted searching for the the Hindi version and found it on You Tube.it is great .What a story? Jassi’s intelligence,her innocence,her love for Armaan all speak a lot.Nandu’s character is superb.He is the personification of the true friend.Can we have a further discussion?

    • Glad you liked the drama. I remember really liking it when I first watched it. The drama was always good when it followed the colombian soap, but when it veered off into its own territory… not so good. 😦 I loved the chemistry between Armaan and Jassi, especially when he was falling in love with her exactly as she was.

  6. Armaan makes an act love towards Jassi by Raj’s advice.But it seems he shows his true feelings whenever he meets Jassi.What is the psychological aspect of the proceedings?

    • I was studying psychology while watching this drama. In psychology, if a person is doing something that doesn’t go along with how they actually think, they change the way they think to become more comfortable/accepting of how they are acting. I think one of the things that struck me was that while Armaan was pretending to love Jassi, he actually fell in love with her for his own peace of mind. But, she was lovable. So that change in thinking only made him see what the audience had known all along … ke Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin! 🙂

  7. I am very glad and thrilled to read your reply.What an intelligent and apt observation!
    Though Armaan is wayward and selfish ,unknowingly he has feelings for Jassi.He felt comfortable in her presence.As you said we become what we thought.
    JJKN is a classic by nature and is worth for discussion.In Indian TV history this serial has affected me a lot and hence I want to share my thoughts.
    In this modern age we have forgotten our family values,true friendship and real love.Knowingly of unknowingly JJKN brings out every good things of our lives

    • That I don’t know. I’m trying to think if the original telenovela had anything like that at that point, but I can’t seem to recall. Later on, there was a Purab like character, someone to help our heroine feel better about herself after she has been hurt by our hero, but not then. Purab was just a waste of time, wasn’t he? Since he just disappeared when the team behind the scenes realized that they shouldn’t have gone in that direction just yet. 😛

  8. What encounters my mind is, Jassi seems to like Purab and nodes for the marriage proposal,that I cannot fathom out.She is in deep love with Armaan and how can she acecpt to marry Purab?That contradicts the basic character of Jassi? What are your thoughts regarding this?

    • I don’t know what was happening around Jassi at the time, but I can see why she would have said yes. If she is being mocked and bullied by every one else and her Armaan sir is engaged to be married, why not settle for someone who is rich, handsome and would love her? I think Jassi was convincing herself to be content with friendship in place of love. And if Purab had stayed around, she might have stayed true to that commitment. Her true love might have been Armaan, but if he didn’t love her back, she was making a choice in moving on.

  9. In Tamil JJKN’s 206 episode is running.Armaan and Raj play their part to woo Jassi.They send her flowers,celebrate her wrong birth day etc.But Jassi remains unchallenged and tries to keep her promise to keep away from Armaan.Though it looks childish we can enjoy the show.
    I am waiting for the real show to begin ,that is the blossoming of Armaan’s true love for Jassi.
    Darkice, where can I get the DVDs of all the episodes of JJKN?

    • Glad to see the drama is still running and you can enjoy it on television. Unfortunately, I don’t think there are any DVDs available of the show. And even if there were, I don’t think I could afford to pay for DVDs that encompass a 548 episode show. 😉

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