Kis Desh Mein Hai Mera Dil, Part II


Things I Learned about dramas from watching Kis Desh

1) Characters will die (and maybe come back to life) based on ratings.

2) Women can only be witches (they will manipulate any living thing just for the heck of it) or martyrs (step all over them, and you won’t get a squeak out of them, only tears).

3) Men are empty vessels. So, fill their minds with whatever you want and lead them astray.

4) Being good means you’re gullible; anyone can make a fool out of you.

5) You don’t need a divorce to end a previous marriage before getting engaged or married again.

6) Being ½ siblings generally does not matter. Full-blooded or nothing. (There might be some exceptions to this rule).

7) Stepmothers eventually all turn evil.

8 ) No matter how important something is, you just won’t be able to spit it out. You’ll only get as far as saying, “I have something important to say …” multiple times before the listener walks away in frustration.

9) You can make your father love you by marrying someone you don’t love.

10) You can wake up, fully clothed, and still believe that the ultimate hanky panky happened in that bed during the night.

11) Drama heroines are very clumsy; they’ll trip at the drop of a hat. Heroes will always be around to catch them.


One thought on “Kis Desh Mein Hai Mera Dil, Part II

  1. please ekta relaunch kis des mein hai mera dil.i saw so many balaji show and whatever show running present but kis des mein is one show i never get bored watchingit repeat telecast for me kis des is one feeling that never dies i love u harshid and aditi and i hope u guys become off screen couple also

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