Geet Hui Sabse Parayi, Part II

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Updated to Geet Episode 347 (aired June 28, 2011)

Since the drama is ongoing, I am going to provide continuing updates on what is happening, so long as I keep watching the drama. Read below for what has been happening on Geet, Hui Sabse Parayi.

The relationship between Maan and Geet has relaxed a lot. The suppressed tension that used to be between them has kind of disappeared, which is understandable, since that kind of sustained tension would really exhaust the characters, within the drama, and the actors portraying those characters. Usually, I would have expected that to happen after the wedding and the wedding night, but from some of the stuff I have been reading, I doubt the couple will be getting a wedding night anytime soon (since most people believe that it would be wrong for a pregnant woman to have sex? That kind of thinking seems archaic to me).

In the drama, when Geet makes fun of Maan in front of his Dadi and sister, his reaction is a wonderful thing to watch (he gets angry, feels betrayed by her behavior, and transforms into the Maan Singh Khurana from the beginning of the show). Maan’s anger leads to scenes where Geet sets out to seduce Maan and miserably fails; she plans a seduction in the bathroom, not realizing what that “bathroom” seduction would lead to and it is hilarious when Maan doesn’t really cooperate. I’m loving what’s happening in their relationship. I love Maneet’s sizzling chemistry during the “Tere Mast Mast Do Nain” sequence and the melancholic “Aaja Mere Mahi” sequence. I love how Geet freely offers her kisses to Maan, how Maneet can say “I love you” to each other, and how they freely talk about their baby nowadays. I have no problem with the progression of Geet’s and Maan’s relationship.

The show is faltering in other aspects. Amidst Maan and Geet’s wedding celebrations, Maan is beset with the worry that someone is trying to kill Geet. It takes him a while to figure it out, but he soon realizes that Brij is somehow out of jail and stalking his beloved once more, with the intention of killing her. Brij has not only tried to stab Geet in the outhouse (Maan got there in time), but also locked her in a bathroom/sauna, turning up the heat (Maan got there just in time). Even knowing all of this, Maan doesn’t ask questions about who let Brij out and how Brij got there. Maan also doesn’t tell Geet about this danger, so she thinks that Maan is overreacting and fails to take necessary precautions, which only results in danger to her.

Unfortunately, the show is veering dangerously into irrational territory in other aspects, as well. When Geet is injured in the sauna, the doctor asks Maan to choose between Geet and a 4 month old fetus, when the fetus couldn’t even survive outside it’s mother’s womb. But here, when Maan automatically picks Geet over the baby, the stricken look on his face is a wonderful thing to watch. Gurmeet does an excellent job in projecting Maan’s inner turmoil. We also see that the house is swamped with security, but Brij can walk in and out freely, with no one noticing him. To add to these illogical happenings, on the day of the wedding Naintara waltzed in with a gun to attack Geet. Maan got there, just in time, again, and saved Geet, but unfortunately Naintara fell and is in a coma, thus giving Arjun the perfect opportunity to become fully evil. And that disappoints me, because I liked Arjun. I still want him to hear the full story and realize what a b*&@# his sister is, but I don’t know how that will play out.

Geet and Maan get married with much fanfare. During the wedding, Brij attacks Geet once more, but Maan gets there in time and saves Geet from being burned alive. Because of this additional stress, the doctor tells Maan that a continued pregnancy will put Geet’s life in danger and there needs to be an abortion. No further mention is then made of this desperately needed abortion. After the wedding, Maan chooses to keep Geet safe over his own desires. He does not consummate their marriage and attempts to stay away from Geet This causes Geet to wildly accuse Maan of no longer loving her. Maan is angry and hurts Geet with his own frustrated words before leaving. When Geet talks to her doctor, she realizes the reason for Maan’s behavior. She apologizes and the two are reunited. Despite their reconciliation, the two pretend to bicker in front of the Dadi so that they can have the excuse to stay in separate rooms.

On the Annie-Arjun track, Arjun seduced Annie during the wedding (with a fake wedding and all), and has now begun to ignore her. Arjun, when pressured, unveils his grand plan for Maan’s downfall. His basic revenge plan is that Maan hurt his sister, so he (Arjun) will hurt Maan’s sister. He tells Annie to reveal all to Maan, or Arjun will do it for her at Maan’s reception. When Annie begs for mercy, Arjun refuses. When Annie tries to tell Arjun the truth about Naintara, Arjun laughs at her attempts to deceive him. Annie then sells all of her jewelry and buys shares in Arjun’s company, thereby becoming Arjun’s boss. Arjun and Annie are working together now, and although he is fighting it with all he’s got, I’m seeing the glimmers of the principled Arjun returning. I have to say I like this turn, because Arjun really didn’t make a believable villain.

Maan and Geet are sent on a honeymoon by Dadi (who has begun to worry about the constant fighting). In Simla, they run across Dev, who is the manager of the hotel the two are staying at. Maan is still justifiably angry at Dev for his past criminal behavior, and tells him to stay away from them. While leaving Shimla, Geet childishly insists on driving and Maan gives in to her demands. Geet’s inexperience leads to an accident and Maan is gravely injured. The hospital tells Geet to arrange for a blood, and when Geet is unable to find any other compatible donors, Geet goes to Dev. Dev agrees to donate the blood, but only if Geet promises to keep the truth from Maan.

Following Dadi’s bad counsel and Dev’s demands, Geet keeps the truth from Maan and feels (rightly) guilty for doing so. Maneet return to the Khurana manor, and some thugs beat up Dev and leave him on the Khurana grounds. Dadi guilts Geet into allowing Dev to stay and to keeping this a secret from Maan, saying that Geet now owes Dev because he saved her husband. That was a total WTF moment for me. I’m surprised by how Dadi and Annie think that because Dev gave blood to save his own brother, Geet now has to forgive and forget everything! Have these women forgotten that if Geet hadn’t been fast enough and Maan hadn’t been there, she  would have lost her life because of what Dev did?! Dadi just wants everyone to forget and live happily together.

When Maan finds Dev there, he reluctantly allows him to stay when Dadi guilts him into it and Geet takes Dadi’s side. Maan is apologetic to Geet for making her face the man who betrayed her, and then the truth comes out that Dev donated blood to him. Maan becomes angry and explodes at Geet, saying that he would have preferred it if he had died rather than having that man’s blood inside of him. Geet is heartbroken, and asks whether his hatred for Dev takes precedence over everything else, even her and their child? Maan realizes that he has gone too far, and tries to ask for forgiveness. Geet eventually forgives him after Maan proves his commitment to both mother and baby.

Maan and Geet spend their days happily fighting over the sex of the baby, and Maan spends most of the time worrying about Geet’s health. He also researches how to be a better father, and attends yoga classes for his wife and baby. Maan in love is a beautiful thing to watch; you can see his joy from a mile away when he’s pretending to hold his baby and care for it. Geet has softened his rough edges, and she has become the center of his life. He has even learned to publicly share his emotions about his baby on Geet’s say so. When he has to leave for work, he makes sure that all the food that Geet could ever crave is available. I don’t think he’s concentrated on his work that much since his wedding; concerns of work are peppered in here and there, and I miss the office environment. Not only has Maan gone on a honeymoon, but he’s constantly being interrupted by a bored Geet or is interrupting his busy day to be with her. Not that I don’t love how Maan is throwing himself into newly married life and becoming a father, but I wish that they wouldn’t minimize the importance of work and that maybe Geet needs to be out there and doing something, as well, instead of bothering Maan during the work day. This behavior on Geet’s part only makes her seem like a spoiled child who doesn’t appreciate the importance of real world considerations.

Dev is there, in the background, quietly and unnecessarily worrying about baby and Geet, as well. And Dadi, after successfully moving Dev into the house, is now insisting that Maan get Dev a job. Maan of course gives in, because Dadi’s powers of persuasion are so strong that she can even guilt a woman into forgiving the man that defrauded her out of her virginity and dowry, and put her and her child’s lives in danger. As Dev watches Maan and Geet prepare for the baby, he realizes that he has no place in this new family. I hate that the show has worked on Dev’s character in such a way that I’m starting to like him; it doesn’t hurt that I’m liking the new Dev (Samir Sharma), who is softer, more sympathetic looking, and a better actor. I know that I’m not supposed to like Dev because of what he did; I think that if the writers had showed Dev out of his senses, maybe drunk when he slept with Geet, I would be more willing to forgive this man, but I don’t accept the route that the writers are taking … that remorse without punishment should be a get out jail free card. There has to be some sort of punishment.

When Maan goes on a business trip, Geet falls down the stairs and loses the baby. And I have a big problem with that. Not with the fact that she lost the baby, per se, because I understand that it might not be possible to bring a baby on set or Drashti Dhami might not want to look pregnant (according to rumors, which I think are completely untrue), but I have a problem with how she lost the baby. Geet has been attacked twice by her own brother and his thugs. She has been sliced by a sword, stabbed, had a gun pointed at her and she’s fallen on her stomach, but she didn’t lose the baby. Her horrible brother tried to force feed her harmful medicine that would cause an abortion of her fetus and failed. She has been attacked by Naintara twice; once she was almost pushed off of a balcony and once she was almost shot at. She has been cooked in an overheated sauna. She has been doused with oil and almost set on fire. She got wet in the rain and had a high fever. She spent the night in a semi-abandoned house in a snowstorm in a thin shirt. She almost drowned once, to be timely saved by Maan. She suffered through immense physical and psychological trauma, and stress has been her constant companion from the beginning of her pregnancy, but she didn’t lose her baby. I think that showed a great bond between mother and baby. It was as if Geet would protect the child at all costs, and the baby would hold on for its mother. But then she ends up losing the baby. And how does she end up losing it? She falls down two steps!! And the most ridiculous thing was that the writers made it so that it happened through Geet’s own actions. That made no sense at all.

Maan comes back to hear that Geet has lost the baby. While he is heartbroken, he knows that he has to be there for Geet, who has gone into shock from the news. Geet breaks down and begs Maan to bring her baby back, and Maan realizes that there are some things that he has no control over. The loss is felt all the greater because of all of Geet’s struggles to protect that little life. As Maan and Geet comfort each other and mourn the loss of their child, both struggle with their own guilt over the loss of the baby. The next day, Dadi gives the incredibly bad advice of keeping Maan busy with work (thus separating him from Geet), of returning things to normal (when Maneet should only be together), and of getting Dev involved to help his brother (when he has no place in this).

On the Annie-Arjun front, during Geet’s miscarriage, Arjun is ever present to support Annie. When Annie returns to work, we are told that a new entry, Sangram,  has fallen in love with Annie. Despite his mixed feelings for Annie, Arjun is willing to step in and protect Annie from Sangram’s advances. Annie insists she can handle it herself, and tells Sangram that she is in love with someone else. Nitya, Arjun’s secretary, and Sangram unite and plot. Nitya helps Sangram trick Annie into a meeting, and Sangram beguiles Annie into believing that he only wants friendship. When Sangram later makes the moves on her in a restaurant, Annie fights back and Arjun (at the restaurant with Nitya) is there to save her. The four are hauled off to jail, and Annie quickly calls Dev for assistance. When Dev arrives, he tells Arjun all that Naintara had done and hid from him. Arjun is heartbroken to see Naintara’s true face. Eventually, Arjun apologizes to Annie and the two have a cheesy reunion amidst the Holi celebrations at Khurana house. The two then confess their love to each other. I think I saw the best acting from these two in this scene, beyond anything I have seen from them in their entire acting gig on this drama. Dev finds out about their relationship, and semi-approves, although all three worry about Maan’s reaction.

Maan sees that Geet is heartbroken, and believes that he needs to eradicate all signs of the baby in order to get Geet to move on. The plan backfires and Geet is heartbroken when she sees that Maan has emptied out the nursery. Dev and Geet are thrown together, and Maan is shocked and confused to see the two behaving amicably toward each other. Dev tries to set up a romantic meeting between Geet and Maan, but that plan fails when Maan doesn’t seem to get the message in time. Maan arrives just in time to see Dev and Geet talking and Geet forgiving Dev. Geet forgives Dev because she wants to begin anew with Maan, leaving behind all the burdens of the past. Her hatred of Dev is one of those emotions that will keep her tied to that past, unless she lets it go. She comes home, eager to tell Maan, but Maan is avoiding her due to his own perceptions.

Geet is full of hope, and begins Holi preparations to surprise Maan. At the same time, Maan is confused and bewildered by Geet’s actions and is hurt Geet hasn’t talked to him. He cannot understand why Geet would do such a thing. He wonders if she might have felt pressured to do so because Dev saved his life. When Maan sees Geet allowing Dev to put color on her, and she puts tikka on Dev’s forehead, he explodes with anger and confusion. While he is arguing with Dev, he insults Geet by saying that she might have “safaid” (white) blood (meaning she doesn’t know how to value relations or know right from wrong). He also says that Geet may not know how to preserve her own pride, because she forgave Dev, but Maan does have self-respect. Geet is incredibly hurt by Maan’s words, and leaves the house, breaking all ties with the Khurana family and friends that love her. Maan immediately knows that he has gone too far, but is too stubborn to stop Geet from leaving.

While I understand Geet’s pain at the insults, when she made the decision to forgive a man who had sinned so horribly against her for this man that is insulting her, but I don’t understand her decision to run away. I think that running away is a childish act. I just don’t like it when heroines run away from their problems, and this is the second time she has done it. She hasn’t learned anything from the last time the two had a big argument. I feel that Geet should have stayed and fought it out with Maan. But it might also make sense that the writers are showing her actions as a reaction to all that has happened to her in such a short span of time. I don’t know whether the drama is running in real time right now; has it been a month or just a week since Geet’s miscarriage? Not only did she lose her baby, she couldn’t grieve with her husband, and she had to constantly see Dev. She then makes the decision to forgive Dev under these circumstances. In return, she gets insulted and misunderstood by the man she trusts the most. She sees that Maan doesn’t respect her decision, doesn’t trust her, and doesn’t seem to respect her. I get that stressful events piled upon other stressful events can lead to irrational actions, but that reasoning will only work if we see some sort of mention of Geet’s depression and fears later on. If this is not shown, I would deem Geet’s actions to be reckless and over the top. And when you juxtapose her hard stance with Maan to her forgiveness of Dev, that would just make her actions unacceptably harsh toward a man that has shown his love and reverence for her in so many different ways.

After a few scenes of the two missing each other, Maan eventually finds Geet in Amritsar, staying with a newly discovered branch of her family. We get to meet Biji (the strict female head of the family), Jugnu Mama (Biji’s confused brother), Teji (the hotheaded male head of the family – the oldest son), Pammi (Teji’s suffering, verbally-abused wife), Lucky (the younger, birdbrain son), and Nandini (the spoiled daughter of the family). Teji goes to Delhi to find out what happened, and finds out that Geet has left home; knowing Geet’s nature, he quickly decides that Maan is entirely at fault for Geet’s behavior. Biji and Teji decide Geet will leave him, and stay with them all her life. Geet, not sharing much and not caring much, keeps quiet and lets them heap all the abuse they want on Maan’s head.

I wish that Geet would just sit down and have a full on, open discussion with her family. I would love to see their reactions when they realize why Geet ran away. Here’s my take on what would happen if the truth came out.

Pammi: Why did you run away Geet?

Teji: Does it matter why she ran away?! He probably beat her!

Geet: No … no he didn’t.

Biji: Well, it doesn’t matter what he did. But I’m sure he cheated on our Geet. That’s why our Geet ran away.

Geet: No … no he didn’t.

Lucky: He probably insults her on a daily basis. Geet behan couldn’t take the abuse anymore.

Pammi mutters: Is that even a reason to run away? I would’ve run away long ago if that was the case.

Geet: No … no he doesn’t do that either.

Pammi: Then, what did he do Geet?

Geet: Because Maan insulted me by saying that I had “safaid blood” and no “ghairat”.

Teji: That bastard! How dare he say that about our sister?

Lucky: I’m going to kick his a**. He’ll be sorry that he was ever born. Don’t you know that I eat 12 egg whites a day! I’m strong.

Biji: Lucky, be quiet. But you’re right. He doesn’t deserve our Geet after insulting her like that.

Pammi: But Geet … did something happen? Why would he …

Biji/Teji/Lucky: Does it matter why he said it?!

Geet: It’s okay, Pammi bhabi. I forgave his brother when he wouldn’t, and he became angry at that.

Pammi: But, why was he angry at his brother?

Geet: Because of what his brother did to me.

Pammi: What did his brother do to you?

Geet: He defrauded me out of my dowry and my virginity, impregnated me and abandoned me. Brij Veerji almost killed me because of him.

Teji: What??? And you forgave that bastard?

Lucky: He’s the one we should be beating black and blue! If he ever comes around here, I’ll make him sorry that he was ever born.

Biji: Calm down, Lucky. But, Teji is right, Geet, you shouldn’t have forgiven him.

Pammi: And you’re angry at Maan … enough to leave him forever, because he was angry at you for forgiving his brother?

Geet: Ye-es.

Crickets: Chirp. Chirp. Chirp.

Maan finds Geet in Amritsar and apologizes for his behavior. Geet refuses to forgive him, saying that he has killed her love with his words. Despite that claim, she still prays to Babaji to keep Maan safe. Here, Geet seems like the 18-year-old that she is supposed to be, and I don’t really like that. Geet doesn’t understand that Dev was Maan’s kryptonite, and someone that Geet should’ve stayed far away from; after taking such a big step without consulting her husband, she should have at least tried to understand where his exploding anger was coming from, but she doesn’t even try to see his side of things. I wish that the writers would start showing Geet as maturing, because so far she has hurt many people with her immaturity. Maan, to punish himself, walks on burning coals. Maan then decides that he will woo Geet back, and will do so by moving into her house as their new driver, Balwant Singh.

Geet finds that Balwant Singh is actually Maan Singh Khurana, and orders him to leave. She insists that she no longer loves him, and wants him gone. In her own room, Geet worries about what will happen when her family discovers that Maan is here. Geet hates seeing Maan being humiliated by her family, but her solution is for him to go away, leaving her behind. Maan can see that Geet is hurting; she doesn’t eat food or her medicine, and she is turning away from the one she loves to hurt herself. While I can objectively see that Geet seems to be depressed, but I am finding it really hard to feel sympathy for her because she’s being so selfish about it. Maan tries to watch over her, making her food, asking her to eat her medicine, etc. And Geet, having Maan around and worrying about him, starts to come back to life and smile after a long time.

When Dev hears how badly Maan is being treated by Geet’s family, Dev decides to come racing down to help his brother. We are also getting a chance to see Pammi and Teji’s relationship, which is in direct contrast to Geet’s pampered existence in her own sasural. Pammi is the classic browbeaten wife, being verbally abused at every turn. She is worked all the time, and is scolded for everything from chattering too much to not taking care of Geet. She is soundly told off by Teji that her duty is to her sasural first and foremost, and nothing else should come before this, not even a brother in need. My heart goes out to Pammi, and I hope that we get to see her getting some happiness in this drama before the story moves on and leaves this family behind.

In his guise of a driver, Maan debases himself to remain near Geet. He listens to constant insults from Geet’s pigheaded family, apologizes to them, performs menial tasks, and gets beaten up to protect Geet’s honor. And Geet’s response to all of this sacrifice? She tells Maan to stop bothering her and leave. This girl is angering me off more and more now, and I have no sympathy for her stubborn and irrational refusal to forgive. In her thoughts, she worries about Maan leaving her behind, and even tells herself that when he’s angry he doesn’t care for his own body, but she won’t forgive him for his words. The scene in which Geet tells Dev that she can’t forgive Maan because of what he said, and she is saying this to a man who did such evil to her and someone she also forgave, made me laugh out loud. But Maan’s actions, in fighting for Geet, create a place for “Balwant” in the family’s hearts.

Geet then threatens to out Maan in front of everyone if he does not leave within 24 hours. Maan apparently takes Geet’s words to heart and disappears. When Geet thinks that he has left, she tries to convince herself that she is glad about his leaving, but she fails. Eventually, while reading his love letter to her, she has to admit that she cannot live without Maan. Maan and Geet reunite, and Geet forgives him for hurting her. When the two are about to go and tell the entire family the truth, they find out that everyone has mistaken Dev for Maan Singh Khurana. Realizing that he will now have to win over Geet’s family, Maan decides to continue the charade of being Balwant Singh for a few more days.

Now this is where the drama switches tracks, and seems to leave behind all the issues that Maan had with Dev. One could argue, that because Geet forgave Dev, and Maan has to respect Geet’s wishes and let go of his anger, as well, if he wants to keep Geet, then this new attitude on both Geet’s and Maan’s parts makes sense. But it is still a bit disconcerting to see Geet freely interacting with Dev, patting him on the arm, pretending that he is Maan, and going so far as to be in a locked room with him when circumstances require. It is also a bit weird to see Maan being so open and soft with Dev. While Maan talked to Dev politely before Dev came into the haveli, one can now actually see the brothers bonding. I see the hints of the brotherly relationship that may have existed between the two before Dev screwed it up, but I still think the swift switch from enmity to acceptance was too jarring.

While Dev pretends to be Maan for the household, and Nandini, Lucky and Teji find ways to mess with him, Maan is busy romancing his Geet. He takes any chance to be with her. When it comes time for Karwa Chauth, Geet asks Maan to help her break her fast in front of everyone. Maan promises to do so, but only if Geet will then feed him in front of everyone in return. When Karva Chauth arrives, Maan successfully helps Geet break her fast in front of her family, and in return Geet feeds sweets to Maan in front of her family, as promised. While the two are eating together after the festivities, Maan tells Geet that he wants to become a father, which seems to freak Geet out. Which is understandable, because it is definitely too soon to start the whole baby track again. Most likely, Maan is attempting to say that he wants to consummate their marriage.

On the other romantic tracks, we see how sad Pammi’s married life has been. The poor girl hasn’t even had the chance to break her fast in her husband’s presence for the past seven years of marriage. Maan and Geet conspire to bring Pammi and Teji closer, by having Teji feed Pammi. Teji reacts to these going ons by being even more vile to Pammi, thus breaking her heart. And when the poor girl is truly broken, and planning on breaking her fast in front of her vile hubby’s photo for the eighth year in a row, Teji comes home, smiles at Pammi and all is forgiven. … really? That’s all? The writers better have something more for this relationship then a mere showing up. On the other hand, Dev is falling for an increasingly suspicious Nandini, which just seems to be a really, really bad idea and I definitely hope that the writers leave that thread untied.

The next day Geet and Maan, along with Dev and Nandini, are going to a wedding when they are attacked by thugs. The couples are separated, with Nandini left wondering why Geet didi was so concerned about Balwant, and why Balwant was ordering Geet to run to safety. When Geet and Maan find a shack to rest in after being on the run from these hooligans, they take the chance to consummate their marriage in the worst suhaag raat sequence that I have seen. It’s laughable how badly the writers handled this. For a couple that is known for their chemistry and the sizzle factor they bring to their romantic moments, as in the Kurbaan Hua, Pee Loon, Roop Tera Mastana, Tere Mast Mast Do Nain and Maahi sequences, this suhaag raat was a joke. Poor Gurmeet and Drashti (especially) looked half-dead from exhaustion. You can truly see that the writers have changed on the show, because this new writer has no idea how to handle these kinds of scenes. And when these scenes are the draw of a show like Geet Hui Sabse Parayi, then you know you’re in trouble.

Geet, Maan, Dev and Nandini return to the household, none the worse for wear. Geet and Maan go back to acting like before, as if the suhaag raat never happened. I have to admit I miss that tension that used to be there between them; there was more suppressed emotions flying around before their marriage, and now, when these two are newlyweds who have finally gotten around to having a wedding night, there is no sensual awareness to be found! I miss the awe that Geet felt around Maan, and the reverence she had for him. Maan still has that same loving behavior toward Geet, but Geet is mostly irritated by Maan.

A family comes to see Nandini, and decide that they want her for a daughter-in-law. Dev, who has now realized how much he loves Nandini, the girl that has been rude and contemptuous of him since the beginning, confesses all to Maan and Geet. Both Maan and Geet immediately decide they must help Dev (…. I mean …. really????), and Maan decides to tell Nandini that Dev is not Maan, thereby giving Dev a chance to win Nandini. While watching this track, I have to wonder if the writers are thinking this through. No matter how forgiving a girl may be, and Geet is shown as being very forgiving, but would that mean she would marry off a beloved cousin to such a man???? I really, really hope that Dev fails at his attempts to win Nandini’s affections. While I have reluctantly accepted that the writers have decided to make Dev a good guy, I do not want him marrying into Geet’s family. That’s just sick, and how long can the secret of their past be kept?

While Maan and Geet plan on telling the family the truth, Nandini finds out and is shocked. Maan, Geet and Dev tell Nandini why all of this happened and try to get her to understand. Jugnu Mama overhears all, and videotapes their conversation. He then reveals all to the family. Teji and Beeji are incredibly angry, and Beeji is hurt by Geet’s deception. When Geet tries to apologize for their behavior, Beeji tells her to leave the house. Teji threatens Maan with physical violence, saying if only he wasn’t the son-in-law of the family they would teach him a good lesson. When Maan and Geet are about to leave, Geet says that she cannot leave her family while they are hurt. She begs Maan to understand her and to support her. Maan agrees, and leaves Geet behind to deal with her family. While Lucky, Pammi and Nandini understand Geet and Maan and want to forgive them, but Beeji and Teji are against hearing anything about forgiving the two.

Teji then finds out that their lender has sold their house due to a loan they defaulted them on. When it turns out that Maan has bought the house, Beeji is furious and vows to get the money that they owe Maan and throw it in his face. She also puts a rope in the middle of the house, cutting the house in half, ordering her family and Geet to stay on her side. When Geet offers to talk to Maan, Beeji tells her that she will stay away from him. When Geet secretly talks with Maan, she asks him why he had to come back and like this. Maan explains that the house would have been sold either way, and he did this to save them. Maan also reminds Geet that he couldn’t stay away from his wife for this long, and that is why he is here.

While Teji is plotting on how to hurt Maan, Lucky offers a hand of friendship to Maan, letting him know that he is on Maan’s side. He also asks Maan to be patient with the family. When Teji’s plan to get Maan arrested fails, he picks up his sword to get rid of Maan Singh Khurana. Beeji stops him, but not because it would be wrong to kill someone but because this may ruin Nandini’s engagement. I really wonder what Geet would have done if Teji came after Maan with a sword. Would she realize that she’s trying to placate a family just like her own, and that they are capable of going after Maan the way her own family was trying to kill her? Maybe then, instead of being angry with Maan, she would just do something! Additionally, I have to wonder if this family knows what the Handas tried to do to Geet. Teji does come and threaten Maan, and Maan tells Teji to think again before going after him.

Even knowing that Maan bought the house to save her family, Geet still takes her frustration out on Maan. When Geet begins to complain about Maan, Pammi shoots her down, reminding her that Maan is doing all of this out of love for her. Geet ignores all of it, holding onto her anger like a petulant child. When Maan and Geet have a moment together, Geet allows her Beeji to guilt her about being with her own husband, and once again explodes at Maan. While we understand that Geet is frustrated about being apart from Maan and is afraid of how her family will never accept Maan, she doesn’t need to be so … childish toward Maan! Geet has hit and sniped at Maan ever since she “forgave” him.

Maan and Geet (reluctantly, because she does not want her maasi to misunderstand Maan even more) work together to help Lucky and Preeto unite. And while Beeji explodes at Maan for every little thing, Geet tells Maan to remain quiet. Therefore, neither of them defend Maan’s intentions, and Beeji’s misconceptions of Maan continue to grow. Maan points out to Geet that she has become a coward since she came back to her family, and that is so true. I miss the girl who took on her own family, put her brother in jail, and went to Delhi on her own when her family betrayed her. Where has she disappeared to? Geet agrees to a match between Tara Singh and Lucky, in which the winner gets Preeto’s hand in marriage. Maan trains Lucky to beat Tara Singh and Lucky ultimately wins. Beeji is furious at Maan for his successful manipulation of her son, who has now gone to her enemy’s side. She blames Geet and Maan both for this act. Lucky tells his mom that he will be on Maan’s side of the house if she wants to forgive him, and walks away with Maan.

Without giving them even a moment to savor their victory over a match that she forced on them, Geet immediately comes to reprimand Lucky for being unfilial and ignores Maan while doing so. Her sarcastic behavior angers Maan, who is hurt by her lack of faith in him to lead Lucky down the right path. She tries to explain to Maan that she was doing this for Beeji, who deserves our respect no matter how wrong she is, and Geet also reminds Maan that he agreed to support her daughter’s role over that of her wife’s role. Which is utter bull**** because, as someone said on India Forums, you have to juggle all kinds of role in your daily life. Just because your kids need you, doesn’t mean you stop being a wife, and just because your husband needs you, doesn’t mean you stop being a daughter or sister or sister-in-law. Geet doesn’t realize that, and is hurting Maan in the process. When Maan lets loose with his anger, Geet realizes one of her mistakes, and apologizes to Maan by doing a song sequence, Woh Hain Zara Zara Khafa Khafa. Maan forgives her, like always.

Despite knowing that Maan is right and her Beeji is wrong, Geet can’t decide what to do. To stop her from tormenting herself, Maan tells her that he will leave immediately. And, while Geet cries, Maan packs up and gets ready to go. Right then, Nandini comes running home, and Dev tells everybody that Daman is a fraud, who has previously defrauded another girl out of her dowry. Daman turns the tables on Dev, and “proves” to the family that Dev paid the girl to say bad things about Daman. Everyone naturally believes Daman, and Beeji begins to once again rant on how evil Maan Singh Khurana is.

When Geet goes to apologize to Daman and Daman’s family, caring about her Beeji’s honor above all else, she chances upon Daman’s true reality. Racing back, she stops Maan from leaving, and the two concoct a plan to allow Maan to remain in the house and to stop Nandini’s marriage. Maan then goes to Beeji and hands over the deeds to the house, apologizing for overstepping his bounds. He admits that he should have continued to behave like a son-in-law and not the son of the house, and asks to be allowed to stay until Nandini gets married. While I dislike the fact that Maan is apologizing to this hot-headed woman, but I do like how he indirectly reminds her that he is the son-in-law of this house and that position should garner him some respect.

I hate how this whole track is mimicking what happened to Geet. Nandini is in the exact same position Geet was in, but Dev is the savior this time around. In what reality is that okay? Apparently, it’s acceptable in this dramaverse. No one, not Maan or Geet or Dev, mentions it as they go about trying to save Nandini. How can the same thing happen to two different girls in the same drama, and to have those two girls be from the same family? What are the chances? Couldn’t the writers thinks of some other conflict for Nandini? The makers of this drama have already minimized one such horrific experience by having Geet and Maan forgive Dev for his acts, but if they minimize Nandini’s experience by having her find out about Dev and still marry him, this drama would have completely lost its way with the horrible message it would be sending out to its audience and the women that have suffered such atrocities. I hope that this identical story serves the purpose of having Nandini reject Dev, and Dev finally getting some sort of punishment for his actions.

Geet’s plan to catch Daman out is simple but efficient. She has Maan bring in a bigger lure to capture Daman’s interest. When Radika Kapoor walks through the door, Daman is smitten and takes the bait. When Maan and Geet’s first atempt fails, Nandini and Daman end up getting engaged. Now, they only have one day to save Nandini. Maan sets up a lunch with Daman and his parents to throw Daman at Radika once more. This invitation angers Beeji and Teji, who believe that Maan has no right to act like this in their house, and are angered because it isn’t right to bring the son-in-law into the house before the wedding, although it was perfectly acceptable for him to date their daughter in public view. What I love about this track is that Lucky, who does not know what is going on, is still 100% behind his jeeja ji and is eagerly helping where he can. That kind of faith and loyalty is a treat to watch.

Maan and Geet have Dev dress up as Radika’s suitor, and show Daman that she is about to be married. When Daman sees that he might lose his chance at this rich girl, he goes to her and proposes. Maan catches all of this on tape and shows the video to the entire family. But not before Beeji takes one more opportunity to rail at Maan Singh Khurana for being evil incarnate. When Dev speaks up for his brother, Teji steps in to beat up Dev for speaking the truth. Maan then stops him and shows the entire family what they were getting into. Daman is arrested. When Teji apologizes for being so hardheaded, Maan and Geet remind him that you only receive the amount of love that you dole out to others and signal at Pammi, who looks at her husband hopefully. Teji then leads Pammi away, for something that keeps them busy for the rest of the track, because we don’t get to see them again.

Maan has been getting calls from Delhi during this entire effort. Dadi ma has called and so has Romeo. But Maan was not able to speak with Dadi. Worried, he decides to leave for Delhi immediately. And offers to take Lucky and Nandini with them, so that Nandini can forget about her marriage disappointment and Lucky can learn about business.

In the last few weeks, the show has come back to focus on Geet and Maan and their interactions. These scenes had been conspicuously missing from the drama for months, and the show had lost its charm. But with the focus coming back to Geet and Maan, their interactions and their working together toward a single purpose, the show has picked up again. Instead of wanting to stay in Beeji’s good graces by letting her do whatever she wanted, Geet began to actively work toward saving her cousin. Geet also stopped being so cranky and beating up on Maan at every turn, and Maan finally had a purpose instead of just following Geet around like a lost puppy and listening to Beeji’s vitriol.

The Amritsar track was annoying for the most part, and I am glad that they are going back to Delhi. I missed the entire Delhi team, and the next track looks interesting. Maan loses his money and then his memory. While I don’t like riches to rags and back to riches stories, but the amnesia track looks interesting, but only if the creative team treats it right. The best part of an amnesia track is when the couple falls in love again, and it would be great to see Maan fall in love with Geet again.

I wish that the writers had focused on Pammi and Teji because I really liked Pammi, and a halfhearted affectionate smile from Teji just did not suffice. But I have read that the actor playing Teji became sick, so wasn’t able to shoot as planned. This way Lucky got more screen time and got to grow as a character. But I still wonder how things would have gone if they’d kept their focus on Pammi and Teji. I did not like how hardheaded Beeji remained until the end. An “I’m sorry” at the end just doesn’t suffice either. She was hateful, and excusing it away by saying that she has had to be hard to raise her children without a husband held no weight in my eyes, but the writers didn’t choose to deal with her character correctly, either. I also hated how they focused on the importance of getting Nandini married at 18! What is it with these dramas (not just this one but a lot of Pakistani dramas also do this), where the girl’s family are so desperate to get their daughters married off that they allow themselves to be blackmailed by the guy’s family. I hated how when Daman’s family told them to do x, y or z, no matter how irrational, they just complied because, god forbid, if Nandini didn’t get married this time, she wouldn’t get married ever. It was annoying that their desperation has them accepting the first man that proposes, without doing any kind of investigation; they are giving this guy their daughter and don’t care enough to ask around? It’s ridiculous, and I hated that part of this drama, until Maan and Geet stepped in and hatched their plan to save Nandini. Ultimately, I am glad that Maan and Geet are returning to Delhi, and I can’t wait to see what happens next and what actors have stayed around to remain with the show.

For future updates of Geet, please look here: Geet Hui Sabse Parayi, Part III.


14 thoughts on “Geet Hui Sabse Parayi, Part II

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  2. This show is utterly crazy!! Some people had told me geet was a wonderful show, n I wanted 2 know the story. No offense maaneetians geetians etc. But this is just plain stupid.

  3. I totally agree with Maan not forgiving Dev. But I get why Geet forgave him. She wanted a new start with Maan and mostly because she feels guilty for separating Maan from his family. Maan being Maan supports the truth and doesn’t complain about his family name being tarnished. Geet, who grew up knowing the so called importance of family reputation etc can’t come to terms with this wonderful guy who would defy his kin for justice unlike her own family.

    I also found the absence of a wedding night disappointing. Maan, I think, is terrified of doing anything that would even remotely affect the child as Geet made him promise he would have to choose the baby over her the next time anything goes wrong. What i don’t get is, Geet isn’t even showing yet and what the hell is he supposed to choose between??

    I wish someone would just shut brij up! That guy is a pain!!!

    It’s funny how Geet’s family, the one with the homicidal brother and the new one in Amritsar, treats her as a child and decides what should be done for her without once consulting her.

    Maan treats her as an adult. Asks her views. Respects her decisions. And I think that is why she is comfortable enough to indulge her fancies and be childish with him. But I love their fights too. The best part is they pick fights on purpose which shows their love, security and confidence in their own relationship and in each other. When it comes to the rest of the world they are both jealous, possessive and extremely hilarious.

    I like this blog. Thank you for writing. The fetus point threw me too. And yes liking Dev was never on my agenda. But the new Dev plays the guiltstricken part well and he tries to make up for what he did knowing he never can and basically beats himself up over and over. Repeated apologies! After a while it’s like: Oh allright! Let it go! For a while there i thought he was going to fall for Geet and maybe just maybe Maan thought so as well and lashed out at Geet for forgiving him. I wonder what happened to Maan in the past that he became the “dusht danav” as Geet used to think of him. Maan in love is every girl’s dream. And the Tai Chi is a good addition.

  4. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the drama. I continued to watch Geet for the chemistry between Maan and Geet, but can’t help but think about how much better it could all have been.

  5. True. It’s said the writers couldn’t tap the potential of such a passionate and promising relationship. I haven’t seen the entire show and now I wonder if it’s for the best! I don’t like it when characters start contradicting themselves. It’s nice to watch a strong bond and trust in a relationship growing stronger rather than weaker. But I don’t get why eventually all shows have to go down the same track time and again of mistrust, betrayal and the worst – bringing back long gone issues that no one cares about. I really wanted to know what made Maan so cynical toward life in general and women in particular but they never got around to that. This show left so many loose ends, it just makes me glad in a way that i couldn’t finish it.

  6. True. It’s sad the writers couldn’t tap the potential of such a passionate and promising relationship. I haven’t seen the entire show and now I wonder if it’s for the best! I don’t like it when characters start contradicting themselves. It’s nice to watch a strong bond and trust in a relationship growing stronger rather than weaker. But I don’t get why eventually all shows have to go down the same track time and again of mistrust, betrayal and the worst – bringing back long gone issues that no one cares about. I really wanted to know what made Maan so cynical toward life in general and women in particular but they never got around to that. This show left so many loose ends, it just makes me glad in a way that i couldn’t finish it.

  7. thanks for the update of maan and geet cute love story…can anybody plezz tell me the meaning of parayi as i’m not that good in hindi…

    • I’m not that great of a Urdu/Hindi speaker either, but I’ll try to give you the gist. Paraya/Parayi generally means “of or belonging to another” or “foreign” or “strange”. In this sense, when Geet Hui Sabse Parayi, it signifies that Geet becomes estranged from everyone around her, she becomes separated/alienated from her family.

  8. Also not to mention, i doubt they ever tell us about Maans past, about that girl samira i think? That made him hate women in general and that is why he was so cynical and judgemental towards geet. So many things unsaid, just annoys me and makes me wonder.

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