Geet Hui Sabse Parayi, Part III – Completed

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Updated to Geet Episode 470 – Final Episode (aired December 14, 2011)

Since the drama happily continues, so do I. I am still thoroughly enjoying the chemistry between Maan and Geet, enough to stick it out with the show. Since the slow pace of Indian dramas usually drives me up the wall, I’ve solved that problem by stockpiling episodes until I have a healthy chunk to watch. Therefore, while I am going to provide continuing updates on what is happening currently on the show, my updates will usually be two weeks behind what is being shown on TV. Read below for what has been happening on Geet Hui Sabse Parayi.

As Maan and Geet are returning to Delhi, Maan is worried about the fact that Adi hasn’t called. Maan finds out that their phones no longer work, and Geet cannot use Maan’s ATM. Maan gets even more worried, and continues their journey, leaving Dev, Lucky and Nandini behind. When they decide to detour onto one of Khurana Construction’s projects, they are barred from entering and a lawyer tells them that they are barred from going to any of these properties and that Khurana Construction no longer exists. When Maan goes to his office, the staff has been changed and they are barred from entering the premises. When Maan and Geet go to the house, they are once again barred from entry and there is a notice telling Maan that he has to stay away from all of his own properties. It is then that the two meet Adi, who tells them that Dadi Ma is in the hospital. He also tells them that Annie has gone to America with Arjun, and Maan doesn’t even blink at this revelation. Hurt and confused, they make their way to the hospital.

When the trio reach the hospital, they find out that Dadi Ma has had a stroke and that the doctors are doing their best to treat her. The question of paying for the medical care is resolved when the doctor says that the hospital will cover the charges. While Adi goes to get medicine for Maan’s grandmother, Maan is given a briefcase full of money by a stranger. It is then he founds out that Dev’s mother, a woman that has never been treated like a daughter-in-law by Maan’s grandmother, her mother-in-law, and is now taking her revenge for this past behavior and sees this as a way of protecting Dev’s prospects. Successfully manipulating Maan with her beguiling words, she gets Maan to admit that he would happily give up his wealth to his mother and younger brother. He walks away with Geet, not giving his grandmother another thought. He leaves behind a woman unsatisfied with Maan’s promise; a woman that clearly wants Maan to go somewhere far away. And the viewers are left with a conundrum. Is this the same Pammi that was so god fearing and cowed by Naintara during the Hoshiarpur days? Is this the same woman that called Maan ‘Chote Sahab’ and wanted Dev to do good? Not only has the actress changed, but this woman’s character has been completely transformed. And finally, why didn’t Geet recognize her, if this was the same Pammi? Questions that Geet, the serial, is sure to leave unanswered.

While Geet and Maan play house in an old Khurana property, originally owned by Maan’s grandfather, Lala Amarnath Khurana, Dev is left behind, worrying about his brother. He knows that there is something fishy going on, because Savitri Devi never accepted Pammi into the family fold and never allowed her into the house. Pammi does her best to make Dev stop worrying about the two, and unsuccessfully tries to separate him from Nandini and Lucky. It is then that Adi arrives and tells Dev the whole truth about the takeover and how Pammi kicked Geet and Maan out. Dev confronts his mother, who tells him that she did it all for him. Here, history is reworked and Dev cries over how everyone blamed him for something that was entirely Naintara and Pammi’s fault. Pammi begs forgiveness and promises to face her own punishment. Dev stops her, but tells her that she must bring Maan and Geet back. Meanwhile, Maan attempts to get a job by thinking up a great project, but is largely unsuccessful.

Not content to take everything away from Maan, Pammi makes it so that Maan can’t find work anywhere in Delhi. When Pammi finds out that Maan must sign over his wealth in order for her to gain control, Pammi plans on manipulating him once more into signing the papers. Lest we forget how evil Pammi has become, we find out that she has been drugging Dadi Ma, and there was no stroke. When Maan finds out about this, he absolutely refuses to sign anything, and tells Pammi that he will go to the police and see to it that Pammi is punished. We then see Pammi’s goons kidnapping Maan and torturing him, all the while Pammi stands there smiling. Her grand plan is to force Maan to sign, but she then discovers that Geet is the one who owns a major chunk of Khurana Constructions.

Pammi contacts Geet, planning on using Geet’s love for Maan to make her sign over the properties and Khurana wealth. Geet is told to come quietly and not tell anyone, and Geet, without a thought in her head, goes off to see Pammi. After Geet signs over the properties, she demands to see Maan. Pammi refuses, seeing as how Maan has already escaped. When Geet refuses to quietly leave, Pammi pulls out a gun and tries to shoot Geet. Dev jumps in between the two women and takes the bullet. The police come to arrest Pammi, because Dev wasn’t stupid enough to come alone. The signed papers are left lying on that warehouse floor. Geet goes to look for Maan, and chances upon him at a Gurudwara, where she has stopped to pray and Maan wandered into in his injured haze.

After Maan awakens, it takes the family a while to figure out that Maan has selective amnesia. Because he is acting normally with everyone, we don’t realize until he sees Geet that he has forgotten her and the past year of his life. For him, it is still 2010, he never kicked Dev out of the house, and Geet never came into his life. The doctor counsels them to hide the past from Maan. This seems to happen in every amnesia story, and I think is the stupidest advice to be given. I mean, the guy has forgotten some things, he hasn’t become stupid! I think he can figure out that these people are lying to him, and that will be even more stressful for him.We also find out that it has been 1 and 1/2 years since Maan and Geet met. And that is just … really? Geet was pregnant for like a year of that time, which would mean only 5 or six months drama time had gone by, maximum. So, does that mean the two spent a year in Amritsar? I really wish these writers would think before claiming such things.

Anyways, due to the medical advice, Maan doesn’t know that he is married to Geet, and, because he is told that Geet is a complete stranger to him and only met him when she saved his life, Maan is irritated by Geet being overly familiar with him. He doesn’t understand the close connection this woman has with his family, and he wants to distance himself from her, to the point that he ends up firing her. His grandmother then manipulates him into hiring her back.

While Maan has reverted back to his old self, he has begun to keep pretty much everyone at a distance. He tells Geet off for entering his room without his permission and removes her as his assistant. The fact that Geet still wears her mangalsutra and sindoor will only create a greater distance between the two, since Maan will think she’s married to another. I really wish that the writers had made it so that Maan knew of his marriage, and it would’ve been a bit different to watch him grappling with that truth. Instead, we have a Maan, who seems to hate Geet for some reason this time around. Viewers have been complaining that this Maan is meaner than what he used to be before, but that’s really not true. The Maan we got to know before left Geet at the mercy of those goons that were chasing her at their first meeting (to a fate of possible rape), and then called her a prostitute in front of her village people, knowing how important a girl’s izzat/reputation is to her and her family. So, really, at least this time he’s only firing her from her job. I just really want him to find out that he’s married to this woman he hates, and for him to start falling in love with her again.

On a sidenote, we have the Dev and Nandini romance moving swiftly along. Nandini has fallen in like with Dev, as well, and Dadi encourages Dev to confess his love to Nandini. Additionally, we seem to have a budding romance between Adi and Pinky. Pinky has managed to strike up a friendship with Lucky, and Adi does not like this all. It’s fun to watch him getting jealous and taking care of Pinky. Lucky has reverted to his old annoying self, and I wish that writers would utilize him in the mature role they had him grow into in Amritsar, rather than having him regress.

While Maan agrees to give Geet another chance, he is still impatient with her, going as far as to leave her behind when he goes on a site visit. The audience does see moments of attraction between Maan and Geet; when he’s saving her from the bookshelf that landed on her arm or when he sees Geet drying her hair. But, we can assume that he pulls back because of the fact that he believes that Geet is married to another. When the two are stuck in a hotel for a night, Geet gets drunk and pulls Maan under her spell once more, by telling him her love story, although she doesn’t go as far as to tell him it’s “their” love story.

Before Geet can get too happy with the softer hints of the old Maan that keep appearing, Naintara (who has awakened from her coma, left the hospital and has decided to play a cat and mouse game with Dev) makes it so that Maan ends up seeing wedding pictures of him and Geet. Maan immediately accuses Geet of trying to manipulate him for money, thinking the entire wedding created out of thin air, and doesn’t believe that he is married to her despite Dev’s protests to the contrary. Geet’s response to Maan’s vile accusations this time? She decides to run away. Sigh. What more can we expect from our Geet?

Dadi Ma conveniently gets sick at the news that Geet has left, and her ill health makes Maan feel guilty enough that he goes running after Geet. He brings Geet back home, and everyone is happy. Only later does Geet reveal to Nandini that Maan has only brought her back home until Dadi Ma gets better and expects her to leave afterward. In the flashback, they show Maan saying that he still cannot stand Geet, and that makes me wonder why does he hate Geet so much. There is no reason for the way he feels utter contempt for the poor girl. Giving in to Dadi Ma’s emotional blackmail, Maan agrees to accept Geet as his wife, although the audience and Geet can see how reluctant he is.

In retaliation to being forced to accept Geet, it seems to me, Maan brings Naintara home.  Early in the day, Naintara had come begging for Dev’s and Geet’s forgiveness, and Dev had intelligently thrown Naintara out. Maan brings her back, saying that if he has to listen to Dadi Ma and accept another into his life, then Dev must listen to him and forgive Naintara for the small stuff she did.  Maan refuses to listen to Geet’s reasons for wanting Naintara out, and calls her an outsider who should mind her own business. Naintara begs for Geet’s forgiveness, saying that if Geet can be forgiven and allowed to live in the house, then why shouldn’t Naintara? She says this in front of Maan, hinting to him that he is right to ignore Geet and reject her at every turn. It is disconcerting to see Maan being taken in by Naintara, when he was always able to see through the woman before. In fact, when we initially saw the two interacting, there was a distance between them and Maan didn’t really like Naintara. And Dadi Ma, knowing what Naintara has done and how dangerous she can be, agrees and allows Naintara to stay, even knowing that she, Dadi, is the only one that could make Maan listen to reason.

Through Dadi Ma’s manipulations, Maan has to stay home and prepare for a Teej function, and as he sees Geet all dressed up, he is mesmerized by her beauty despite himself. The two have a lot of Mahi moments while playing blindman’s buff, dancing together, and bumping into each other at every turn. It is at this moment that Naintara plays another gambit, and has Maan believing that Geet deliberately cost him a huge project. Maan then calls her zalil in front of all of the guests, only to find out that she actually saved him the project. Maan goes and apologizes to Geet, and bandages her cut, which she got because Maan broke her glass bangle. Geet is heartened by Maan’s behavior, and tells Dadi Ma that he is coming closer to accepting her as his wife. Maan overhears, and realizes that he must do something so that Geet will no longer think that he is ready to accept her when he isn’t. Maan decides that he cannot give false hope to Geet, so, in the middle of the party, Maan declares that he will no longer go along with these traditions. He refuses to give Geet water and walks away, despite seeing how hurt Geet is and knowing that she will not break her fast without him. Geet is hurt and swears that she will not drink a drop of water or eat a bite unless Maan is there.

This is where the writers totally make Maan into a hypocrite, which is one thing you could never say about the old Maan Singh Khurana. Despite seeing how much Dev and everyone else in the household disliked Naintara, Maan insisted that she stay in the home. Despite knowing that there must have been some problems between husband and wife, Maan insisted that Dev play the husband by eating Naintara’s food and taking care of her. He expects Dev to do all this, a man who hasn’t forgotten what his wife did. Yet Maan has a problem performing the simplest rituals for a wife that he sees everyone else in his family loves?! That makes absolutely no sense and shows that Maan talks the talk, but doesn’t walk the walk. Additionally, I really wish that Geet would stop being such a wet blanket!  Maan is treating her like an enemy half the time, and she only gets hurt and cries. Where is the fire and justified anger of that old Geet? There’s a limit to how understanding a human being can be, and it’s not realistic how Geet is acting. I really miss the Geet from this drama’s beginning. She had fire, she would fight back and wouldn’t hesitate to show her anger to Maan. But now, it’s as if she lost her backbone when she fell in love. Ever since the wedding, I’ve seen Geet be meek, shy, hurt, irritable, irritating, and make stupid decisions, but I haven’t seen that fiery Geet. It was that fiery Geet that got Maan Singh Khurana to fall in love with her. I just wish that Geet hadn’t forgotten that fact, when Maan got his amnesia.

Maan goes on a drive, and sees a man begging for his wife, and realizes that he has made the same vows with Geet. He comes back, and is immediately beset by Naintara, who tells him that Geet is pretending to be sick and everyone is playing along with her, so that Maan will give her that water. Maan refuses to believe Naintara, but when he walks into the room, Geet almost faints. Maan is off again, calling her besharam and distrusting her. When Geet really faints, he realizes that he was wrong. Again. Dadi Ma comes and scolds him, saying that she will not drink or eat until Geet does. Geet comes and begs Maan, for Dadi Ma’s sake, to give her the water and promises him that those two sips of water will not make a bond between them. He does so under duress. Later on, Maan comes to Geet and tells her that he doesn’t feel anything for her, so how can he treat her like a wife? It’s almost as if he begging her to understand him, because he feels so guilty for no longer being the man she loved and married. Geet tells him that he is another face of God for her, and he is shocked by the depth of her emotion. But she promises him that she will expect nothing more from him unless he is willing to give her more.

The drama then shows Maan softening toward Geet because he knows that he has done her wrong. He appreciates her coffee, allows her to sleep in his bed, whilst sleeping on the couch, and is patient with her ramblings. Maan is invited to a wedding in Mumbai, and, though Geet anxiously waits for him to let her know that they are going, Maan fails to invite her to the wedding. In her anger over this, she loses a very important file that Maan has entrusted to her care. She rallies Adi Sir, Dev and Lucky around her to help her finish the file. The entire office helps her wholeheartedly. Maan pretty much learns about the missing file immediately, but decides to give Geet a chance to prove her capability. Geet cares more about not letting Maan down than being afraid of Maan’s anger. Maan watches Geet work hard, throughout Pooja preparation and the actual Pooja rituals, where the two also renew their vows. In the end, he secretly helps her complete the file. When Geet finds out and asks him why, he tells her that he wants to make their relationship work, and he wants to work at being a good husband the way she works at being such a good wife. The two have a mahi moment over her dupatta and over the folding of a sari. They then have a sweet date over a private screening of a movie that Geet had desperately wanted to see and Maan secretly arranged for her.

During all of this, when Dev goes to confess to Nandini of his love, he finds out that Nandini’s marriage has been arranged by Biji. And the prospective groom turns out to be an old friend of Nandini’s. Pushed on by his fear of the old friend running off with Nandini and Dev losing her, Dev finally confesses to Nandini. Nandini asks him why it took so long for him to confess. The two happily hug. Nandini then insists that Dev be brave in his love, and propose to her in public and then marry her secretly. Dev agrees and starts making the arrangements.

Geet finds out about Dev’s and Nandini’s shenanigans. Instead of telling Maan, she struggles with herself and then decides to aid the two idiots in their secret wedding. While the wedding preparations are going on, Lucky brings Preeto home, having secretly married her. The two halves of the two couples spend their time hiding from each other, from Maan and Jugnu, who is diligently searching for the truth. Dev and Nandini come to the mandap, where Adi has prepared everything. Jugnu and Geet arrive, and Geet is thinking of ways to convince Jugnu to remain silent.

It is at that moment that Maan arrives. He is angered by their behavior and demands an explanation, especially from Geet for hiding such a secret from her husband. Nandini apologizes and admits that it was fully her mistake. Maan refuses to be part of this travesty, but Geet convinces him to become a part of and approve of this farce. Maan and Geet watch on approvingly while Dev and Nandini marry without Dadi Ma and Nandini’s family being there. Afterwards, Maan and Geet talk about how Maan may not remember their wedding, but he reassures her that they can build new memories over which they will reminisce years later. Immediately afterwards, he finds out about Lucky and Preeto. Geet convinces Maan to play along once more.

As the couples are readying to go to Amritsar, Teji and Pammi arrive at the door. And it is Maan who has calm Teji down and convince him that what his siblings did was right and in the sake of love. (I just had to roll my eyes here.) Before we can hope that Nandini, Lucky, Dev and Preeto are gone forever, they all come back from Amritsar.

And there ends the blink and you miss it appearance of Teji and Pammi. What exactly was the point of the actors even coming back to the show? I see no purpose to it, unless it was to cruelly tease the audience once more with all the possibilities of that couple before snatching it away from us once more. This was just another example of incredibly bad writing, poor planning and wasted talent. Sigh.

Geet and Maan bring them back and welcome them into the home with open arms and many after-wedding rituals. It is during one of these rituals, that Maan reminds Geet that they are equal in marriage, and he asks her to stay with him always. It is then that everyone realizes that while Maan may not remember his past with Geet, the love between the two is still going strong. Through the course of some very painful episodes, and having to suffer through sheer bad writing, we have seen Maan gradually falling in love with Geet all over again. Maan now writes Geet a letter, expressing his emotions, and gifts her a sari. He also takes to peeking around corners at his lady love, and the two hold hands and thank each other. It’s gratifying to see the two of them getting breathless over holding hands. Geet and Maan have beautiful moments, where Geet gets to tease Maan and Maan actually takes to blushing! It’s the cutest thing in the world. We get to see Maan welcoming Geet into his room, their first hug, their first road trip, all post-memory loss, and I am reveling in these moments. I still want Maan to remember, but I’m enjoying how sweetly he is falling in love with his Geet.

The two go on a road trip, and Maan’s car stops in the middle of nowhere. They hitch a ride, with Geet sitting in the back of the truck, and Maan riding along in his car, which is being dragged along with the truck. The rope comes loose and Maan is left behind, while Geet travels unknowingly on with the two strangers. These two strangers, decide to take advantage of Geet, and Maan gets there just in time to save her. Maan beats up the goons, getting injured in the process, and Geet drives them to safety once Maan passes out. While Geet is taking care of Maan in another secluded cabin, Maan become amorous and the two have another consummation post-memory loss.

While watching the two make their way to the cabin, I was wondering if this was where the writer was going; we have Geet exhausted, Maan injured, a rustic cabin, so why not take the chance and just do it? It is absolutely ridiculous how the writer just repeated their previous consummation. Where’s the freshness? How about some originality, dammit? This was the couple that was known for their chemistry. When the two were on screen together, the screen sizzled from the suppressed sexual tension. But the writers of this show have let them down, not once but twice! What other show can say that they main leads had two consummations? And what other show can say that they fumbled that consummation both times?!

In the home, we have Lucky and Preeto fighting over Preeto’s weight, with Lucky finding that weight now abhorrent. Which absolutely makes no sense, because this chubby woman is the woman he fell in love with! Lucky is completely in the wrong here. Dev and Nandini are fighting over her desire to work rather than go on a honeymoon. While Dev tries to understand, Nandini is all set on becoming  a businesswoman when she knows absolutely nothing about construction or business! She denies her own ignorance, and lets her pride rule rather than learning from her husband. Nandini is completely in the wrong here. These are two of the stupidest conflicts that the show’s writer has come up with, and I know it’s not going to get any better. The fighting between the two couples grows worse, until they are fighting over who has it harder. The two couples agree to switch roles, with the men running the home and the women taking over the business. This makes no sense to me, because we have already established that Nandini knows nothing about business, and Preeto even less. Are we really going to let them run the business that Maan has worked so hard over into the ground just because Nandini is a pigheaded fool?

Maan and Geet pretend to take sides, hoping to work on these stubborn fools from the inside. This ultimately means that Maan and Geet cannot enjoy their new found intimacy, and must interact in secret. In the next 12 episodes, Dev, Lucky, Nandini and Preeto almost ruin the business through their prideful stupidity and Geet and Maan go running around, trying to save their relationships and Khurana Construction. When Nandini slaps the union head of the Khurana employees, Geet decides to handle the situation herself, which then blows in her face, and Maan is there to comfort her. Geet is able to save the situation with the employees, and Maan is there to support her. As the couples are on the point of reuniting, they start their petty fighting once more. Maan has to leave the country for business, and leaves Geet behind to handle their empty-headed family.

While Dev and Lucky are out drinking, they run into a woman who takes advantage of their stupidity and gets caught in bed with the two of them. Nandini and Preeto are quick to believe that their husbands, who they loved so much a couple of weeks ago, are capable of cheating on them. And not just cheating, but a kinky style of cheating. The woman demands money from the two. Dev and Lucky agree, while trying to stall, hoping that their wives will find out the vamp’s reality. But they fail time and time again, until they decide to do pretend suicide, so that she will admit all to Jugnu, the fake police officer. Nandini and Preeto finally learn the truth and are ashamed of themselves. They apologize abjectly, and their spouses are quick to forgive them, knowing that they weren’t too intelligent in the first place.

On the other hand, Geet is missing her husband and wanting to talk to him. Because of a bad phone connection, Geet is unable to get in touch with Maan, and Maan, of course, can find no other telephone in all of England to call his Geet from. While dreaming about dear hubby, Geet receives gifts and believes them to be from Maan. After receiving two gifts in quick succession, Geet realizes that there is something weird going on. She begins to feel as if someone is watching her, following her around, and knows for a fact that someone has entered her room, because he is kind enough to leave a creepy message behind on her mirror.  She can’t tell Maan about it because of the bad phone connection, she decides that the four other people in her house are too stupid to help out, and doesn’t even think of telling Adi sir. She comforts herself with the thought that Maan will be home soon, and she can tell him everything then. When Geet sees the man that she thinks is her stalker, she follows him all alone and enters his home. When she finds a picture of her in the stalker’s house, with her name written in blood on it, she takes off running, finally realizing how stupidly she has acted.

Maan gets there and calms Geet down. When the two reach the stalker’s house, he has left, leaving behind an innocuous scene. Geet begs for Maan to believe her, and Maan is disturbed by how fearful Geet has become. The stalker conveniently calls, and Maan now has proof that this stalker actually exists. The couple comes home and tells the others what has happened, and Maan insists on holding Geet’s birthday party, so that they might be able to catch the stalker. Despite all security measures taken, the stalker not only enters the Khurana mansion, he even gets to sidle up to Geet’s side and whisper ‘I love you’ in her frightened ear. Geet screams for Maan, who comes running over to comfort her. While the guests are leaving the party, Geet spots her stalker and points him out to Maan. Maan goes chasing after him, but is unable to catch him. We now know that the stalker’s name is Vikram, and he comes back to play with Maan. Pretending to be a blind man, he asks for Maan’s assistance, and leaves behind a note mocking Maan for his ineptitude. At the end of the day, Geet is having nightmares of the stalker, Maan is worried about Geet, and Vikram is having a conversation with Geet’s picture and dreaming about the day that she will be only his.

Geet sees Maan working out his frustrated anger on his punching bag. She realizes that he feels badly for not being able to catch her stalker. She tells herself to be calmer around him, and pretends to be happy for his sake. The next morning, while the family is talking about upping the security around the mansion, Adi comes and takes Maan away for some office work. Geet puts on a brave front, not wanting him to be trapped by her fears. After he leaves and is out of contact, Vikram plays a stratagem and gets Dev and Lucky out of the house. He somehow gets rid of all of the security, gets the servants to disappear and drugs Preeto, so that Geet and he can have some alone time. Vikram reveals that he has loved Geet since her Hoshiarpur days. When Maan finally contacts Geet, he comes running to save her. Geet is scared out of her mind, hiding in a corner of the house. Drashti does a great job here in portraying Geet’s desperation and abject fear of this stalker. Geet reveals to Maan that she is afraid that Vikram will successfully separate them. Maan, angered by Vikram, who has called to gloat and tell Maan that he will take Geet away from her Maan, tells Geet that no one will separate them and he will make Vikram pay for all of Geet’s tears.

A couple of days later, Maan sees Vikram at their property and gives chase. The two duke it out in the mud, and when Maan thinks he has Vikram under control, he turns to talk to Geet on the phone. While Maan is comforting Geet, Vikram comes up behind him and hits him with a branch. He then leaves Maan’s unconscious body by the side of the road, taunting Geet with what he could have done. Geet is guilt stricken by what has happened. She begs Maan not to leave her as long as this is going on. Maan promises, but when Vikram calls home and threatens him with Dev’s safety, Man goes off running to save his brother. They escape Vikram’s clutches, but Nandini, thinking only of herself and her husband, tries to convince Dev to jump ship, feeling that they shouldn’t have to suffer just because someone is after Geet. Dev shuts her down completely, telling her to stop being so selfish.

Vikram once again enters their home, while Maan, Dev, Lucky and a million servants are at home, but no one catches him. He leaves behind a gift for Geet and calls her on the phone, promising her that if she will only meet him once, he will leave her alone. Geet, in all of her worldly wisdom, believes him and sneaks off into the night to meet the crazy psycho who has been stalking her. As soon as she meets him, Geet insists that he follow through on his promise and go away now like he promised. Vikram begins to laugh, calling her his pagli Geet for believing him. I would’ve used the word “stupid,” but he loves her. Sigh. Vikram becomes even more creepy, talking about how he had finally been able to get close to his Geet after such a long time, all is fair in love and war, and how he’s dreamed about smelling her red dupatta for years. And the scene is so over the top bad, that I can almost see Drashti rolling her eyes, even as she tries to portray her fear of this psycho. Maan comes to the rescue. Before we can wonder how he got there in time to speak his heroic dialogues, he explains that he knew from the beginning that Vikram was manipulating Geet in this manner. I love how he doesn’t mention a moment’s doubt of what Geet would do. But why the delay in arriving? Maybe to gather his incompetent police force, who once again let Vikram escape. Geet and Maan finally realize they have seen Vikram’s face, and provide a description to the police sketch artist, and the news channels pick up the story and urge the public to be on the lookout.

The next day, Geet receives a CD, which has a video of Vikram burning himself because he has lost Geet and the world knows who he is. Maan and Geet are relieved that her stalker is dead, never stopping to wonder that if this guy is truly dead, who sent the CD in the first place and why the heck they would want to take the word of a psycho stalker who has already fooled them multiple times. In the next episode, we immediately see that Vikram is still alive, painting pictures of his Geet and placing his blood on a picture of her maang.  He is also carrying around a cage that is a “hit you over the head with it” metaphor for what he plans on doing with Geet. He easily arranges for his man to wander around the Khurana mansion, whose presence no one thinks to question, until he figures out that Maan and Geet will be soon going on a romantic getaway at a secluded location. Due to business concerns, Maan has to stay behind and Geet goes ahead to the farmhouse.

There she is met with twinkling lights and rose petals. She dances with her prince charming, but it is of course Vikram in a mask. Admittedly, his face is covered, but she can’t guess from his height, the shape of his hand, or his build that it’s not her Maan? Maan leaves the office and makes his way to his Geet, but is stopped by  ropes coming out to entangle him. When Geet realizes that it is Vikram in front of her, she takes off running, only to encounter Maan tied up in the living room. They both struggle to get him freed, and Vikram comes along with a gun. He threatens to kill Maan if Geet does not come to him. Geet immediately goes to Vikram, and then freaks out when he dares to touch her. Maan frees himself and races to Vikram, only to get shot in the arm and the leg. Geet, instead of pushing at Vikram’s arm to mess up his aim, stands there screaming ‘Maan!’ Maan faints as Vikram drags Geet out of the house. Geet is drugged and taken to some other location, where Vikram gloats over how he let Maan live so that he could suffer without Geet, the way Vikram has suffered for years. Vikram warns Geet to never utter Maan’s name. Meanwhile, the family is notified of Maan’s injuries and quickly take him to the hospital. As Geet is screaming for her Maan, Maan awakens and yells for his Geet. He attempts to go after Geet, but fails.

While Maan is unconscious in the hospital from his bullet wounds once more, Geet escapes from Vikram’s custody. When Vikram returns, followed by Lucky, he finds Geet gone. Hitting Lucky and rendering him unconscious when the foolish man blunders in after him, Vikram goes after his Geet. We then spent the next two episodes with Vikram chasing Geet, Geet running around, and Maan coming after his Geet once he regains consciousness and overhears Nandini telling the police Vikram’s location. While I wonder how tiny this forest must be, the police join in the chase, immediately encounter Vikram and then find him dead on the road. Even then, we aren’t shown his face, leading me to wonder whether the show planned on bringing Geet’s stalker back once more. Geet and Maan finally find each other and hug while their trademark music plays in the background. Maan then begins to recuperate from his injuries with Geet standing guard over him.

Over the next few days, Geet takes care of Maan and Maan tries to romance Geet. When Maan recovers, he decides to work from home, insisting that he wants to be near his Geet, and sets up a couple of tables for himself and Adi in the living room. But, rather than working, he spends the day looking for Geet and flirting with her, leaving poor Adi to do all of the work. In trying to have some private time, Maan and Geet get interrupted by Preeto multiple times, who witnesses their romancing.  Frustrated by these interruptions, Maan suggests that the two go on a honeymoon, making sure to hide it from everyone. Maan instructs Adi to keep the trip a secret until they’re gone and then tell the family their destination. The two happily sneak out of the house.

Preeto sees the romance between Maan and Geet and wants some of that for herself and Lucky. While Lucky tries, Preeto is left unsatisfied. Under Mama Ji’s tutelage, she continues to press Lucky for a grand gesture, who tries but is unable to satisfy her. Lucky plays with Preeto, making her believe that he is cheating on her with another woman. Although how that is supposed to help Preeto believe his love, I have no idea. Preeto goes crying to Geet, who comforts her and tells her not to worry. Lucky leaves, leaving Preeto crying after him. Mama Ji tells Preeto where Lucky has gone and tells her to follow him.

Maan and Geet reach their hotel and get checked in. Soon after, Lucky shows up and asks for his room. Preeto comes following him. And Jugnu Mama isn’t far behind. Besides the couples romancing each other we have one male wandering around looking to kill another man, Bheem Rao. He mistakes Mama Ji for his quarry and goes on the attack, encountering Lucky and Preeto instead. Preeto falls on him, thus rendering the possible killer unconscious, although the others believe him dead. Whilst all of that is happening, Nandini comes to meet Dev at the same hotel, who has come back from London. The two freak out when they realize Maan and Geet are also there. While Maan and Geet have a date in their room, the dead body makes its way around, with the other couples and Mama Ji shifting it from one room to another. The truth finally comes out, the killer is alive and arrested, and every one decides to come home instead. The three couples promise that the next time they go on a honeymoon they will make sure to tell everyone and go to different locales.

Maan and Geet get busy in planning for their first wedding anniversary. After an intimate gathering with just the family and Adi, the two gift each other with their heart’s desires. Each present the other with a crib, This is Maan’s way of asking for a child together, and Geet tells him with the crib that they will be having a child together. Geet marvels at how far they have come together, from hating each other to her becoming a part of him. Maan responds by saying that while he might not remember everything that happened before, but if their moments together now are so beautiful, he can only imagine how beautiful those other moments had been. He thanks her for never giving up on him. They reaffirm their love, and promise to begin anew with new dreams and happiness. The two share their news with the family the next morning. Nine months later, Geet gives birth to a healthy baby boy. The two gaze at their child and plan on living happily ever after with their family.


I began watching Geet Hui Sabse Parayi in November of 2010 after coming across a video mix of Geet and Maan. I usually don’t watch Indian dramas due to their penchant of putting their heroes and heroines through the wringer with no guarantee of any sort of happily ever after, but Maan and Geet’s chemistry pulled me in and kept me watching until the end.  While the story itself and the writing were mundane and clichéd by the end, Drashti and Gurmeet’s acting kept me watching until the final episode.

Initially, Geet’s story was something that was fresh and revolutionary. It was the story of a woman who had been betrayed by her family and her “husband”, but, instead of giving up, she fought back and survived. When Geet is forced to marry, she bows her head and listens to her family. But when Dev abandons her at the airport, she stays loyal to him and defends him to her family, who only want her to forget. She fights for the life of her child, when her family is forcing her to abort, and she turns her cousin over to the police when he tries to kill her. She refuses to forgive her family, who stood by and watched while all of this was going on. And she has the courage to walk away and make her own life. That story was something that talked about a big issue that was apparently happening to women in India. These women were defrauded out of their dowry by men who would marry them and then abandon them. This story not only shed a light on their plight, but encouraged them to be strong, to not be ashamed and to live on. That would be their biggest revenge against those who had sinned against them.

When Geet came to the city and began to work for Maan, the tone of the show changed. Despite that, the writing was still riveting and kept me attached. Geet began to fall in love and told Maan the truth about her past. She discovered that Dev was Maan’s brother, and, when she told Maan, they pressed charges against him. Dev and Naintara were both arrested. There we saw this woman getting justice for the crimes committed against her.

But this is where the story faltered. It was as if the creators hadn’t planned beyond this point. Beyond the lack of planning, we had writers and directors leaving the show and new writers coming on, and we had creators who had lost interest in their own creation. Rather than continuing with the justice angle or showing  Geet continuing her education, the show devolved into clichés that plague any Indian soap. It was depressing to watch a show that had once been so good become so trite, and it felt as if the show was deliberately being killed off so that those involved could move on to other things. What amazes me is that the worst writer on the show, in my opinion, was kept until the end! I’m talking to you, Mahesh Pandey.

Forgetting the good that Maan has done for her throughout, Geet turned against him on the basis of a few overheard words. Geet yearned for the family that she believed had tried to kill her. The show and writers showed us Geet forgiving the man that ordered her to be killed (her grandfather). We saw Geet forgiving Dev and then refusing to forgive her own husband! We saw a cranky and irritating Geet in Amritsar and the inclusion of irritating characters like Jugnu Mama and Nandini, who just refused to leave. And to trump all of that, Maan loses his memory and forgets everything about Geet’s struggle up to this point. The fact that the show never brings back his memory just underscores how shabbily they treated Geet’s struggle and how badly they wanted to pretend as if it had never happened. The big purpose of this show was lost in midst of whatever upheaval was going on behind the scenes.

More than that story itself in the show and the hugely illogical stuff the viewers had to put up with, the lack of money showed us the Khurana mansion being transferred into a ratty, old location. The Khurana business ended up being two tables set up in that ratty location. And we lost the grandeur that represented the Khuranas. That was one thing that I really missed and showed the lack of care the production house was showing to its own creation. We saw new actors coming in to replace the actors that played Dadi Ma, Dev, Naintara and even Nakul! We actually had Geet call some random actor Nakul. We saw the inclusion of characters that provided nothing substantive to the story, i.e. Jugnu Mama, Pammi and Teji. Instead of the Amritstar story they made us suffer through, I really wish they had focused on Pammi and Teji instead.

We had story threads left untied. Who was stalking Maan and Geet on their first honeymoon? Who let Brij out of jail? We never got to meet Vicky Khurana. We never learned about Sameera. Why mention her if there was going to be no entry? We lose Dadi Ma, Annie (who came out of nowhere in the first place) and Arjun. We lose Meera, who I actually really liked, and Pinky, Sasha and Tasha. We lose Romeo and Manisha. And the show  makes no mention of them at all, regardless of the fact that these characters were a big part of the story while they were there. I missed Dadi Ma most of all because she was a big part of who Maan was. And the fact that Maan never mentions her seemed so out of character for him.

Finally, the writers recycled stories, even going as far as to recycle its own material. Geet’s experience was shown once more with Nandini and Daman. Maan and Geet’s suhaag raat happened in barns both times! The writer borrowed liberally from Darr for the stalking phase of the drama.

The failures far outweigh the good this drama had. For example I can never understand how Dev went from sleeping with a woman he knew he was going to abandon to the remorseful putz we had in the rest of the drama. I didn’t like how Geet’s character was changed to fit whatever suited the story at the time; that wasn’t fair to the Geet that we had fallen in love with. I don’t understand how Geet could forgive her family. And I don’t get how the Maan and Geet could just live happily with Dev in the same household. I don’t get how Nandini will never know what her husband did to her own cousin. I don’t get how Maan will never know that Geet had a miscarriage and her entire history with Dev. I don’t get how all of this can be rationally explained. Like I said, lots of illogical steps were taken in the drama. But the stupendous beginning and Maan and Geet’s chemistry kept me loyal to Geet Hui Sabse Parayi. I just wish that Endemol, 4 Lions, directors and writers had had the same kind of loyalty to the show that its constant viewers, Drashti Dhami and Gurmeet Choudary showed it.


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  4. I totally agree with you 100%. I started watching Geet a while ago on youtube because i saw a lot of comments about how cute they were and stuff and the an episode way before i actually started watching and now I’m ok the 400 episode but I’m starting to lose interest the only thing tht still keeps me watching is Maan and Geet’s romance. If it wasn’t for them then the show would have been terrible. I hate how the writers and directors leave out so many parts. I think that all the other episodes before maan’s memory loss were a waste. Why couldn’t he just remeber anything and so Nandini never figured out what happens? Wow really if it wasn’t for Gurmeet and Drashti this show would have been horrible

  5. Its not that i am watching this show and today i found out that maan never gets his memories back,i am feeling dejected…Is there something we can do to bring Gurmeet and Drashti back on TV?

    • Hi Nabiilah, Glad you got to enjoy the good parts of this show and the chemistry both Gurmeet and Drashti had. Believe me, most of us were unhappy when we realized that Maan would never get his memory back. 😦 as for the two acting together? there’s always hope.

  6. I hate watching Indian dramas, it’s always been a “no no ” for me… Because I’m usually vexed and irritated by the conceptions and fake ideologies of these Indian dramas. Sometimes they are dying and coming back to live, sometimes they replace good actors with lame ones, sometimes they change the entire damn plot into a complete different story that make the beginning of the serial just pointless… But I’m not a Pakistani dramas fan either.. Too boring. at least Indian dramas are “dramatical” .. Someone suggested me to watch the famous Indian serial IPKKND season 1 I found it actually quiet good ad different… Later caught interest in rangrasiya but due to the TRPs they screwed that up.. Tho it was a first and last best drama I’ve ever had watched…and it was Indian… Now I begin to watch GEET cause I’ve been seeing a lot of appreciation of the chemistry of the couple…. I swear I was agreeing on each and every point of yours and the damn writers just screwed up every thing! There were so many points at where I could begin to even write essays and agree with u but that’s just too…ugh…bothering and I don’t wanna waste anyone’s time… What I loved and found common between all these 3 serials main characters is the guys attitude… I like tuff and rough guys and gurmeet, ashish and arnav. I couldn’t help but get pissed off and wanting to shoot the writer and the damn director! Such low and cheap producing and directing….I have this thing with my personality that I get too attached with a spiritual character who I admire and love so much and it really saddens and disappoints me to see couch characters and even great actors being trashed regarding their great personalities and talent…. wanna say so much more but …just forget it…. I used simple wording just invade anyone does want to read and try to understand my comment.

  7. Lol, As few misspellings there and I apologize…. By The last few lines just wanna correct myself.. I didn’t mean “invade” I meant ” just in case” … Should have proof read

  8. I also found it hilarious and the lamest idea that maan only forgets his memories regarding geet and remembers everyone in his family.. like wtf..??? he should forget Dev instead of someone else u know… (Havent watched all of it yet so dont know some characters names) he had spent most of his affectionate and passionate times with geet, and those are the ones that are suppose to be more memorable.. He forgot someone he loved the most. Im not quiet sure is this is cliched or whether there is a possibility of such consequences happeneing in real life but i still think, atleast for the sake of the TRPs that this was a bullshi* twist ive seen.. well there’s worse but thats another story

    The fact that they changed actors and him not ever remembering his past memories was just a turn off, but im still glad they werent dumb enough to make a sad ending, other wise thatd just be a waste of the producers, actors and viewers time

    • Thanks for leaving a comment. I really appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts on this drama.

      I will always regret how the writers wasted the talent and the compelling storyline they had in this show, but I think that’s a weakness of most Indian dramas: changing actors on viewers or making irrational storylines that really make no one happy for the sake of TRPs. I do love Maan’s character in this drama, and the male characters have been more of an attracting factor than the female one in most Indian dramas that I have seen, but it is the chemistry between the two that will keep me coming back to some select few. If only Indian drama writers weren’t so good at ruining that magic.

      I’ve only seen parts of IPKKND, but I didn’t really like the actress in that one. I might give it another chance.

  9. I totally agree with u at the point of the Lack of potential that the creators, producers and writers had portrayed. I’d recommend you to watch IPKKND ( only first season) I totally love that drama and it doesn’t really change plots as much as this serial does… And when they introduce new characters it’s actually better and worth it when comparing with this drama. The entrance of new characters do play a crucial and entertaining role… I also LOVED rangrasiya until the moment they decided to kill the main character and make her second janam ( from a village girl to an American influence) due to TRPs..( I basically had this system, they should change it into a subscription system since a lot of internet viewers suffer) which was utter BS but I still liked how it happily ended…. Not all dramas need a happy ending but seriously these three that I’ve watched actually did need one. You might find it boring at first (IPKKND) but it’s worth it (for me) and it also is partially based on comedy! Both serials (RR and IPKKND) are played by Sanaya irani which plays two different roles in each drama. It’s a treat to watch compared to old Indian dramas which have the same repeated and over cliched story line/plot. Sanayas character is way better than drashtii.. In both serials. In RR (rangrasiya) she is a quiet and yet very influencing character, tho in IPKKND she is very clever and enthusiastic. The male characters in both serials are very much like Maan. They both have a bad past that affects their present but is changed by the female character… And what’s good about it is that they actually expose their pasts unlike What the writers did to Maans character, they never told us about Sameera which was a flop…I had waited so much to know about her since maan always use to brag about how bad females are in the first few episodes and the fact that he once told geet that “mujhe laga tha tuum sirf meri ho” i wanted geet to also say that to him once knowing about Sameera so it’s fair and square and it’s equally justified since both would have recovered from their past…RR HAS 190 episods… They screwed the last few epi cause of TRPS but once I start watching something I have to end it. That’s me personally. IPKKND season 1 is only worth the watch, not the second. It was so popular that people asked for another season but it wasn’t all that good. the first season has 398 episodes and I enjoyed it very much… And lmfao the suhag raat in these both serials are actually very good and romantic even tho in RR they also have it in a barn but it was intentionally planned by the character itself to be at that location. It’s worth a try at least. But IPKKND was the best from these 3. They have that Indian germs in them, lol but it’s still ‘better’. And thanks for this plot summary and giving ur point of views on Geet hui sense parayi, it was entertaining and interesting to read. I very much agreed.

    • Thanks for commenting! I have heard about Rangrasiya, and I could not watch that knowing what happens to the heroine. But I will try out IPKKND.

  10. Sorry i just have a question. After nayantara is taken to hospital and she is in a coma, what happens to her afterwards? is she ever shown in the serial afterwards? Do the producers kick her out of the story?

    • Naintara (new actress) comes back in the amnesia track. She manipulates her way back into the home and then manipulates an amnesiac Maan some more. She kidnaps someone, Nandini I think, to force Geet into making Maan sign over all of his property to Naintara. Nandini is saved by Dev, and Geet proudly fools Naintara, not bothering to tell her that Maan had actually made her his 51% partner, which means that Geet’s signature would’ve gotten Naintara the property, not Maan’s, I guess? Naintara is then arrested and disappears from the show forever.

  11. first i just loved the chemistry between maan and geet too awesome … maan losses his memory was acceptable …. but than not getting memory back and continuing the story was disgusting … watching all episodes there was a hope he will get his memory back but at last not getting memory killed the excitement of viewer … show was ruined on the path following on memory … and disappearing the important characters like romeo manisha anvesha arjun dadi ma soo on with any end :((

    • Yep, completely agree. Maan not getting his memory back was a travesty. Additionally, I myself hate it when characters just disappear from the show and no explanation is made.

  12. Thanks a lot for posting this. I used to watch geet earlier but got busy with college and other things and these updates really helped me find out what actually happened. And from what I’ve read it looks like a huge mess pretty much just like any other Hindi serial :). This is why i refrain from watching hindi shows. Just like you i was very impressed with it because it had this real social issue in India of girls getting cheated which the show utterly failed to bring light upon and of course the chemistry between them. I still can’t believe how Dev became the good guy. It is flabbergasting. I loved how she had this spine and left her family to arrive at Delhi. It made so much sense then Maan falling for her, the office environment etc. All was good till there. Period. I absolutely love kdramas and anime but some of these Hindi shows have great actors and their chemistry makes them stand out I kind of get drawn into watching them. Firstly because I’m Indian I always love to see Desi stuff but there isn’t much to watch at all. The plot is very ridiculous, there is a lot of overacting and there is not even a hint of realism in it . Why do the heroines sleep and wake up with full makeup? The office environment in any Hindi show isn’t given any importance at all. I wish the writers would actually learn a little before trying to potray the seriousness of work environment apart from the silly client business meeting rituals and the standard ” get this file” or “arrange this meeting” dialogue.
    Even if you do overlook all these things most of these shows tend to heavily depend on the romance track, the other areas of the show suffer miserably.
    The show cannot just function on romance scenes. Even if the actors have excellent chemistry the viewers are eventually gonna get bored with it soon.
    Selective amnesia and all the other ridiculous emotions and diseases that is always used in Hindi shoes and kdramas often, I do not have a problem with it as long as the show is good.
    I totally love your style of writing and will be looking up your blog more often. 🙂

    • Thank you for the comment. I try not to watch too many Indian shows, but it’s the chemistry! I blame that magical chemistry between the main couple which will pull me in. But if all we have is chemistry, you’re right, it begins to wear on the viewer.

      I recently got attached to another Indian drama, Qubool Hai Season 2, but am regretting it because the main actor has decided to leave due to the banal storytelling. The fact that it was another 4Lions show should have kept me away. 😦

      Have you tried Pakistani dramas? They’re shorter and there are some good stories out there.

  13. I have watched only one Pakistani serial. Its called humsafar. It was such a sad show. The sound track too was kind of sad which i didn’t like it one bit. Apparently I heard this was very famous and nice so gave it a shot. Boy, if this is good and famous I do not want to imagine what other shows are like. There is ZERO comedy, the leads get separated due to petty issues due to evil scheming from the family members itself. The plot was OK on the front, not really deep and lost its charm just half the way. Not much different from what i had already seen in Indian shows. Like I said earlier most of the Indian shows concentrate on romance track and the remaining screen time is devoted to the rest of the cast plotting and scheming against each other. Indians are watching this kind of stuff for eons and are still not tired of it. I wonder how. And yes one of the most important thing I hated in this humsafar show was the suicide committed by the second actress. Being a Muslim myself I should say that suicide isn’t a term which can be used so lightly. It shouldn’t have been there at all. It’s only a show but it gives ppl the wrong idea. I’m not being judge mental but it just doesn’t fit. And that too used so carelessly in a romance issue! I felt sick to my stomach after watching that. The only saving grace was the character of the leads. It was all done nicely and how the actress had a lot of pride, stuck to her guns till the end even when she was wronged. 🙂

    • Yeah, I wouldn’t really recommend Humsafar. It’s your typical Harlequin/Mills&Boon type of story, so while it was okay to watch, it didn’t really pull me in. I was talking more about dramas like Tanhaiyan or Dhoop Kinare. These came out in the ’80s, maybe before I was born or when I was young, and are two of my favorites. I also really liked Meri Zaat Zara e Benishan, which is a really heavy/depressing drama, but boy did it pull me in. I haven’t really been watching any recent Paki dramas.

      I am more into Korean dramas. Currently watching Healer and looking forward to watching Kill Me, Heal Me.

      Thanks for the feedback!

  14. “I think is the stupidest advice to be given. I mean, the guy has forgotten some things, he hasn’t become stupid!” Haha.. I thought we Indians were only stupid enough to use selective amnesia in serials. Until I watched boys over flowers. It’s a Korean drama. Lol. The lead too had selective amnesia and conveniently forgot the most important person in the drama. His heroine. Sometimes I wonder if all this melodrama and ridiculous plotlines is just an Asian thing. But I think it ended with just that. Aside from BOF and a couple of others I haven’t come across any such idiotic plots in the world of kdramas.

    • Thanks for taking the time to comment.

      You’d be surprised how often I see this trope in romance novels. In fact I just read a book last night that had the same storyline. 🙂 So not really limited to Asian dramas, because I read American/British romance novels.

      I’ve also seen a couple of recentish K-Dramas, like Trot Lovers and Birth Secret, that have the same selective amnesia thing going. It’s surprising how often we run into this amnesia in drama land, when in real life i have never met let alone heard of someone with amnesia. 😛

      I don’t mind it so much . . . but only if I care for the couple, and it would be fun to watch them fall in love again. The romance is the most important part of a story for me, so what would be better than watching the love story on repeat? 😀

  15. I agree romance is quintessential to any show including books. Even crime thriller genres too include romance as its ingredient in one way or the other. Whether it is primary or not. I actually don’t mind repetitive plots or characters. But having romance as the main ingredient is just a recipe for disaster. Sometimes the writers focus so much on that aspect that they tend to forget what the entire thing is about. Slowly the show starts to evaporate and comes to a level when the writers will do anything to keep the couple’s chemistry going. And boy, do I mean ANYTHING. Be it copying plots, or even repeat the same scenes EXACTLY as they were from other shows. Their creative cells shut down and us viewers end up shutting the logic part of our brains completely. I’m not that much of a rational or level headed person but its only so much that my tiny brain can take. 🙂
    It’s bad enough that I have to keep forwarding or muting the videos to avoid such cringeworthy dialogues but I realise there is hardly anything worth watching aside from the romantic couple scenes.
    And I read a lot too but surprisngly I haven’t come across amnesia till now! Which book is that may I know? Also when u get time check out these books “My one and only” , “Just one of the guys” , “Too good to be true” by Kristan Higgins. They’re thoroughly enjoyable. Perfect combination of romance plus comedy.

    • I was reading Anne Mather’s Images of Love. But other books like Michelle Reid’s Marchese’s Forgotten Bride and Lucy Monroe’s The Greek’s Christmas Baby also have this trope. These are all Harlequin Presents books. I’m sure I’ve ready other books with this trope, but these three were at hand.

      As for romance, I’m of the mind that if I read a book . . . romance has to be the main ingredient. I read across genres, reading Historicals, Contemporaries (rom-coms, as well as melos), Paranomrals, fantasies . . . and the romance has to be the central tale, otherwise I get bored. In fact, even if it is just the push and pull of romance in the tale, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed those, as well. 😀

      Now, when I’m watching something, I cannot stand it being just romance, because you’re right . . . how much mileage can you get out of a romantic story? Keep them apart for 100 episodes or 16 K-drama episodes? That is really stretching it thin. So, yes, there has to be something else besides romance to make it work. I can’t even watch a romantic movie without wanting to walk away. At the very least, it should be a rom-com for me to be able to sit through it.

      Thanks for taking the time to reply back. I will check out those Kristan Higgins books.

  16. Hello everybody, I have the same opinion about geet at the beginning, the show was very different : man who fight against her feelings , geet who tried to be an independent woman, and suddenly I don’t understand why all the cousins ‘ Dev and the others appeared in Man and Geet life, this idea was quite ridiculous. And I want to know the name of the first actress who played Dadi ma. I try to found her name , but I did not found response. Thanks for your article. I am com from Martinique (West Indies ), I like Indian culture and I try to learn more about this country with her shows , articles ,films ,langage .
    Sorry for my mistakes there are many times I do not speak English.

    • Thank you for commenting! I don’t know who the actress that played the 1st Dadi Ma was either, but she did a great job.

      I’m glad we agree on the show. 🙂 Hope you get to watch more Indian dramas and learn a bit about the culture/language.

    • I’m sorry, I don’t think they are available. The episodes may all be uploaded on a site called Hotstar (not sure about this, saw some results on Google), but Viki hasn’t subbed anything beyond the first 4 episodes. Hopefully, someone will upload the subbed episodes someday.

  17. I also agree with you 100%. I’m not an Indian movie’s fans but when wacthed this movie wow I love it and never get bored to wacthes it all over again.. And yes, the chemistry between Gurmeet and Drashti it’s awesome.. i’m hoping..very much..that both Gurmeet and Drashti will be acting together again.. In the movie (hopefully) for season 2 maybe..including the story that was left untied..

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