Go, Go, Go




I just finished watching the Chinese drama Go Go Go starring Ruby Lin as the spinster scriptwriter Wang Ming Ming.  The drama also starred Jiro Wang as Eason, Ling Geng Xin as Tong Shao Tian, Maggie Wu as Shen Pei Ni, Hu Bing as Fu Yun Kai and Zhang Lun Shuo as Henry.

Go Go Go begins with Wang Ming Ming as this sad pathetic scriptwriter who dreams of meeting her true love.  She is thirty years old and over the hill in the world’s eyes. She has had almost no romance, has been dumped by her boyfriends, and is easily manipulated by those around her. Ming Ming lacks the ability to make others respect her, and has the tendency to back away from any sort of conflict. Ming Ming has a huge crush on Eason, a has-been singer of the idol group H.E. When she gets the chance to suggest an actor on a drama on which she is assistant writer, she suggests Eason.

Eason is brought onto star in a drama called The Season Rose Blooms. He is bad enough that both the producer, Zhuo Jie, and the main actress, Shen Pei Ni demand that he be killed off. The decision is  made and Eason is to be replaced by a popular actor. Eason, in a desperate attempt to hold onto this opportunity, attempts to seduce Ming Ming into staying on his side. The seduction works only too well, and Ming Ming falls in love, despite Tong Shao Tian, her boss’s son and a boy who is like her little brother, telling her to be careful. Ming Ming fights for Eason, and Eason seeing her passion, her vulnerability and her belief in him, really falls in love with Ming Ming. The two start dating, but their happiness does not last long.

Eason’s popularity rises, and he becomes an idol once more. His relationship with Ming Ming must be kept a secret from the public. While Ming Ming tries to be understanding, Eason’s keeping a secret concerning Shen Pei Ni from her drives her to break up with him. Shen Pei Ni’s awakening love of Eason does not help matters either. Every time Eason and Ming Ming are about to unite, Shen Pei Ni and her issues get in the way. Eason spends the drama apologizing for that one mistake, but Ming Ming decides that she cannot trust him again. When she does forgive him and says yes to his marriage proposal, Pei Ni kisses Eason and Ming Ming sees them. When she opens herself to another opportunity with Eason, Pei Ni’s pregnancy scandal and rumors that Eason may be the father drive them apart. And Ming Ming states over and over again that she does not want to be hurt again. That Eason hurt her too much the first time around.

Along with Eason chasing our cowardly heroine, we also have Tong Shao Tian realizing his love for his Jie (Big Sister). Shao Tian attempts to show Ming Ming in many ways that he loves her, but she is unable to see him with a romantic eye. Shao Tian is especially rude to Eason, because he always thinks that Eason is using Ming Ming. In the end, Ming Ming uses him in a cruel  manner to push Eason away, without giving the poor boy any warning about what she is about to do. Shao Tian goes from a high of thinking his Jie finally loves him to realizing that not only does she not, she has just used him to push away the man she really loves.

Finally, we have Fu Yun Kai, a mature man who may be the ideal match for our Ming Ming. The two meet multiple times, and Ming Ming starts dating him before she has truly gotten over Eason. Eason leaves the country to get over his hurt from another of Ming Ming’s rejections.

One year later, Ming Ming is a famous scriptwriter and has also written a book. She is in a long-term relationship with Yun Kai, who treats her in a wonderful manner. Eason is now becoming unpopular once more, having made some bad choices in his effort to get away from Ming Ming. The two come into contact once more, and Eason tries once more to win her back. After a final rejection he backs away. Their relationship becomes more complicated when Fu Yun Kai turns out to be Eason’s new stepbrother, and Ming Ming becomes Eason’s stepbrother’s fiance. During an accident on set where Eason his hurt, Ming Ming’s true feelings come out and Yun Kai breaks up with Ming Ming to set her free.

Ming Ming and Eason reunite and live happily ever after.


The drama itself started on a high note. We had a different kind of heroine. Having watched so many Korean dramas where the heroine might be a part-time job queen aspiring to be x, y or z, it was refreshing to see someone who already had a career. While Ming Ming wasn’t brilliant at it, she was working at a job she loved. I hoped to see a drama where a woman like Ming Ming, who was scared of trying new things, actually TRYING NEW THINGS and succeeding! But the drama was a total let down.

Ming Ming’s journey to become a great writer became an afterthought. I mean, the entire thing happened off screen! We jump from Ming Ming being a somewhat successful writer to coming back to her having several dramas under her belt and having written a successful book. The story was just this farce about three guys chasing after a girl who just didn’t seem to deserve it. She was so wishy washy, that her indecisiveness made me want to smack her because it hurt those around her. She never actually stood up for herself. Not in any significant way.

I felt so sorry for Eason. This guy never knew what hit him, and I don’t get why he was constantly being punished in this drama for loving Ming Ming. I felt that his wrong, which I still can’t quite figure out, was overblown. Was his wrong that he kept Ming Ming a secret? Then why did she agree to be a secret in the first place, and then blame him for being hidden? Was it keeping Pei Ni’s secret? I can understand that, but not to the degree that it was unforgivable. I also did not like the fact that he was constantly being punished for being a nice guy (i.e. helping Pei Ni), when Ming Ming herself couldn’t be harsh enough to Shao Tian to send him away. I also did not like how Eason was blamed when Pei Ni put the moves on him. That just made Ming Ming irrational. I felt that her “hurt” was just an excuse for Ming Ming to meander through a possible relationship with Shao Tian to an actual relationship with Yun Kai. And both of those two suffered for knowing this woman, as well. Her “hurt” only trivializes the hurt a woman should rightfully feel upon being betrayed. In this drama, Ming Ming was a character who made a  mountain out of a molehill, thereby losing any sympathy points from me. I only felt sorry for Eason and truly wanted him to walk away without looking back at this woman.

I had no sympathy for Ming Ming, and I thought that there was nothing admirable in the character. Up until the final episode of the drama, Eason had to chase her, Shao Tian had to go away so that she wouldn’t feel badly about not loving him, and Yun Kai had to break up with her so that Ming Ming wouldn’t be the bad guy.

Go Go Go was not a good drama. I’d say skip it if you haven’t watched it. 😦


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