Mother Mini Summary/Review



Credit for all pictures go to their uploaders.

I have decided to do mini-summaries of dramas that I really liked while viewing, but did not want to or could not do a full review of the drama.

Please check out the mini-summary for the drama Mother below.

Mother was a Japanese drama that aired in 2010. The drama starred Matsuyuki Yasuko as Suzuhara Nao, a woman who was abandoned by her biological mother (Mochizuki Hana) and is adopted by another (Suzuhara Toko). Due to her abandonment issues, she is unable to accept Suzuhara Toko as her mother. During the course of her work, she comes into contact with a mother abusing her child, a little girl named Michiki Rena, beautifully played by Ashida Mana. Seeing the abuse and the girl’s desperate need to find one of those mythical mailboxes (where women can abandon their newborn infants safely), Nao offers to become the little girl’s mother. The two run off together on April 1. Michiki Rena dies and becomes Suzuhara Tsugumi. Circumstances force Nao to go to her adoptive mother for money. Additionally, Nao meets her biological mother, Mochizuki Hana. Through her love for Tsugumi, Nao opens her heart to both her mothers and learns the truth about Hana’s reasons for abandoning her. While the audience comes to know that Hana went to jail because she took the blame for young Nao killing her father, Nao never learns of the sacrifice her mother made. Tsugumi’s mother reports Nao for kidnapping to protect herself, and the police come to arrest Nao. Mother and daughter are thus separated by society and the two are only able to reunite when Tsugumi reaches her age of majority (12 years later).

The drama centered around a mother’s love. We have Nao, who committed a crime (kidnapping) to save a child she had come to love. We had Suzuhara Toko who adopted and loved a child who was never really hers. We had Hana, who sacrificed her life and her place with her daughter to protect that daughter. Nao’s sister gave up her fiance and the life she was planning to protect her unborn child. And then we had Michiki Hitomi, a woman who ignored her child’s cries for help, blamed her for any possible sexual abuse and left her to die in the cold. Ashida Mana shined as Michiki Rena/Tsugumi, and my heart went out to her when she smiled through her pain. The acting was superb by all of the actors involved. The writing was touching and the small beats in the scenes between the characters wrenched my heart. If I walked away with any lessons from this drama, they were: 1) loving someone can really, really hurt and 2) no one has the capacity to love like the capacity a mother has to love her child (biological or otherwise).


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