Roy Leh Sanae Rai


Roy Leh Sanae Rai aka 100 Trickery’s Dangerous Passion aka Trickery Mischievous Charms

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I just recently finished watching Roy Leh Sanae Rai 2014, a remake of a Thai lakorn that originally aired in 2002. The new lakorn aired in Summer of 2015. This was a slap/kiss lakorn, and had a couple of rape/forced seduction scenes. The drama starred Put Puttichai as Kongpope, our hero. It starred Lily Pansirithanachote as Namneung, our innocent heroine. Chinawut Indracusin played Tor, the second lead who is in love with our heroine, and Note Panayanggool played Yim, our heroine’s best friend and the woman in love with Tor. We also had a whole host of women who wanted to be Mrs. Kongpope and the older generation striving to keep our OTP apart.

Roy Leh Sanae Rai was the story of Kongpope and Namneung. Kongpope discovers that his father has left half his wealth to a stranger named Namneung. In his quest to get his money back from this undeserving woman, he hatches a scheme to seduce her into marriage and have her sign over all of her yet undiscovered wealth.

Kongpope is the son of a wealthy man. We don’t know much about his past, only that he was abroad for a while. Maybe studying? He comes back for his father’s funeral and discovers that his father has left about 500 Billion Baht to a woman named Namneung. When he questions this decision, he is told by his viperous aunt that there was no valid reason for his father to do this and that Namneung’s mother was the villain who had seduced his father ages ago. He then decides to get that money back by having Namneung fall in love with him and giving him control.

Namneung works in a salon that is run by her mother and her in a small neighborhood. She dreams of being a good stylist one day. She has two friends, Tor and Yim. She knows that Tor loves her, but does not love him in return.She is poor, but still lives a happy and carefree life, with no worries but making her dreams come true.

One day, she meets Kongpope, and he begins his pursuit of her. As he manipulates her (chasing her, staging chance meetings, forcing her to rent his salon space), she falls under his spell, believing herself in love. The two speed into a romance, love, and then into marriage. Despite the many, many times that Tor beats up on Kongpope without much reason or her mother scolds her, Namneung chooses to trust Kongpope.

The two get married, and, after all the paperwork is signed, Namneung discovers the truth. She runs away in horror, unable to deal with the truth she now knows about Kongpope’s motives. It is at the same time that Kongpope realizes that he is actually in love with Namneung. He goes after her, begging for her to give him a chance, but she is unable to see past his betrayal.

The two then fight over divorcing each other. Kongpope demands that she come and stay with him in his home and be his wife. She demands that he divorce her and give her the inheritance to which she is entitled. They bicker over this, until Namneung gives in once he agrees to some of her stringent demands. When she is in his home, the two fight more, with each trying to make the other jealous by using their friends and wanna be wives.

Namneung spends his money like water to hurt him where she thinks it would hurt the most. Her friends, formerly Kongpope’s attorneys, have to gently remind her that he earns as much as she is spending in one year through one income source and she could never hurt him that way. Namneung then goes after his business, deciding to raid the employees’ pensions to buy a vacation home. She goes off with Tor to buy the home, and everyone thinks they went off to have some alone time, convincing Kongpope of that fact.

Kongpope reacts angrily and goes after them, hitting Tor and kidnapping Namneung. He then rapes Namneung, eventually claiming her in the only way he feels he can to stamp his possession on her. Namneung kind of calms down, and they have some romantic moments before one of Kongpope’s wanna-be-wives calls and plays her into believing that Kongpope is only doing this to manipulate her once more.

Namneung goes back with her friends when they come for her, only returning to Kongpope when he blackmails her by using Tor and a bogus theft charge (all of which has been set up by Kongpope’s aunt and his most viperous wanna-be-wife aka aunt’s niece by marriage). There are more moments of closeness and forced seductions and things seem to be evening out, until one day Namneung catches Kongpope in bed with the aunt’s niece, believes her eyes, and demands a divorce.

The Aunt plays one final gambit and convinces both sides that the other absolutely does want the divorce and each side signs the papers. Namneung then discovers that she is pregnant, only she truly believes that Kongpope does not love her anymore. Rather than telling him about the pregnancy, she decides to go abroad for a year-long styling course. Kongpope, in return, has finally decided to set her free, turning over her inheritance to her, when he learns that the reason his father had left Namneung money was because his father had cheated their family out of the money decades ago.

It is only when Kongpope finds out from one of his other wanna-be-wives about the niece’s gambit and what Namneung now believes, that he rushes over to see her. He stops her at the airport just in time and the two reunite to live their happily ever after. In the meanwhile, Tor, who has given up on Namneung, suddenly sees Yim in front of him and they decide to pair up, as well.

The End

Roy Leh Sanae

The drama was an okay watch, but I came away mildly disliking the genre, the heroine, the second lead, the hero’s wanna be wives and not really understanding the hero himself.

This was my first ever slap/kiss lakorn and I have to say it was very melodramatic. There is a genre of romance novels called bodice rippers which utilizes rape or forced seduction perpetuated against the heroine quite often, and this was exactly like that. It was quite weird watching in action what I have read in romance novels,  especially since bodice rippers are a genre that I have actively stayed away from for years.

The experience was interesting in the sense that the music really does set the tone. Whereas in the book, my mind would have injected in the pain and suffering the poor heroine was going through and I would have felt horribly for her, the drama used comedic music to make us think the forced seduction or rape was really all cutesy fun. The heroine’s non-reaction and peacefully staying in her rapist’s arms after the act made me question my own feelings on the matter. I really don’t know how I feel about that.

The story in itself was an interesting idea about how a man sets out to seduce and actually falls in love and how a woman would deal with that betrayal and overcome it.

The execution failed utterly.

The drama revealed on his wedding day that Kongpope was already in love with Namneung, but there were NEVER any hints of true emotion or uncertainty shown until we reached that point. I think the drama really, really dropped the ball when it chose not to show us his falling into love with Namneung. Why were they hiding the truth? We knew that he was going to fall in love with her, it was a romance, after all! Kongpope was too calculating at all times for me to believe the sudden turn around. If I didn’t believe the love, I sure as hell couldn’t understand the desperation he exhibited later on.

Additionally, I didn’t understand why Namneung would demand her inheritance. At that point, she had found out everything, so why would she ask for the one thing that she thought he would NEVER give up! It made no sense. That was a huge misstep on her part, and I didn’t buy it. Additionally, her subsequent actions on spending all of his money made me cringe, and I actually disliked her for her actions when she went into his business and started playing her games there. I guess it was the financially responsible person inside of me that disliked her for her irresponsibility.

Namneung and Kongpope were okay together. There wasn’t fiery chemistry between Put and Lily, and not a lot of great acting on Lily’s part, so there wasn’t really anything extra there to overcome the bland storytelling.

I also didn’t like how often Tor was violent towards Kongpope on the show. At this point, he had no reason to suspect Kongpope of any wrongdoing, so why was it okay for this guy to beat up on Kongpope just because he himself was a rejected suitor? I really disliked him for that.

Finally, the shenanigans of the wanna be wives and the viperous aunt got to be too much. Their continuous conspiring to get Kongpope, fighting amongst themselves, and shrieking at top pitch got old really fast. The fact that one of them had also been Kongpope’s father’s mistress was kind of icky, as well. And since it felt like half the drama was about them, I felt I wasted a lot of time focusing on people that didn’t even deserve a mention in this review.

The drama was an okay watch, and I would give it a 5 out of 10 for the somewhat cute scenes between Namneung and Kongpope.


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