Seisei Suruhodo Aishteru


Seisei Suruhodo Aishteru

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I just finished watching Japanese drama Seisei Suruhodo Aishteru, which aired from July 12, 2016 to September 20, 2016. The drama starred Takei Emi as our heroine, Kurihara Mia, who is a career woman working for Tiffany & Co. It starred Takizawa Hideaki as Miyoshi Kairi, our hero and a married man. Kinami Haruka played Kairi’s wife, Yuka. And Nakamura Aoi played Miyazawa Rio, the second male lead who was hopelessly in love with Mia.

Takahashi Mitsuomi played Youta, Mia’s stalker ex-boyfriend. Mizusawa Erena played Akari, one of Mia’s best friends/roommates. And Triendl Reina played Chiaki, the other best friend/roommate. Finally, Nakamura Hayato played Kuno Atsushi, the man that comes between Akari and Chiaki and is also Kairi’s best friend.

The drama was a story of adultery, and it contained characters that were all pretty much either hateful, unlikable or contradictory in turns throughout the story. I think the only one that I did not actively dislike was Miyoshi Kairi, but even then I found myself questioning his motives quite often. If one of your hot button issues is adultery, I recommend staying far, far away from this drama.


The drama begins with a chance meeting between Mia and Kairi in some foreign locale. Mia is there deciding on a proposal. She wants to say no to her boyfriend. The two meet, briefly argue and then connect. They then go their separate ways.

Some time later, the two meet at Mia’s workplace. She is working in Tiffany & Co.’s PR department, and Kairi has come in as the new VP, the CEO’s nephew and an internal hire. Everyone is questioning his right to be a VP since he really has no qualifications. Mia is struggling at her work, unable to impress her boss with her ideas. The two encourage each other, and have some meaningful moments.

As Mia sees Kairi in action, she begins to have feelings for him. He saves her from her stalker ex by kissing her, and her feelings grow. She backs off once she realizes that he is married. But as they spend more time together, those moments end with Mia confessing her love to Kairi. She tells him that she is willing to be his side piece, as long as he is willing to have her. Kairi pushes her away, understandably perturbed by her offer. He clearly has feelings for her, but does not act on them. Additionally, he seems to have some sort of deep, dark secret.

The two go on a work related trip, and end up staying in the same room. They end the night consummating their relationship. When the two get back to their normal lives, Mia is confronted by her friends who are either on her side (Chiaki) or against her actions (Akari). Mia does not care about the fact that he is married and plans on continuing the relationship.

She then discovers through her stalker ex, Youta, that Kairi’s wife is in a coma and it was Kairi’s fault that she is in that condition. She has also been told this by his uncle. That seems to finally awaken Mia. While she was okay with having an affair with a married man when his wife was alive and NOT in a coma, she is not okay with it when the other woman is in a coma. She pulls away from Kairi.

Kairi is understandably confused, and tries to speak with Mia. She refuses to explain herself. When she has a small problem at home, she goes to Miyazawa Rio, the man that has been pursuing her for work related purposes (to get her over to Jimmy Choo’s PR department) and romantically. She spends the night in his home, leading to misunderstandings when Miyazawa brings up their breakfast together in front of Kairi.

Stuff happens, and Kairi finally tells Mia the truth. Kairi and Yuka were married. Kairi was busy studying. Yuka got lonely and then spiteful. She cheated on him, planning things so that he found them in bed together. The two planned on divorcing. They filled out the paperwork, and were on their way to telling her parents, when Yuka drove and got into an accident. Yuka ended up in a coma. In order to pay for her medical bills, Kairi agreed with his uncle to take on the mantle of Tiffany & Co. heir. That is when he began working with Tiffany & Co as the VP.

Mia and Kairi are together and blissful, but then Yuka awakens. She figures out the truth about Mia and Kairi with her sister’s help. Yuka’s sister has been bilking Kairi’s uncle for money this entire time that Yuka has been in a coma. Upon finding out about their affair, Yuka then makes Kairi’s life hell, releasing the truth and then whitewashing it, playing the victim, and then suing Mia for alienation of affection.

She does this until Mia gives up and gives up Kairi. Kairi is stuck with Yuka, who still does not remember the past and that they were divorcing when she went into a coma. She refuses to believe it, even when Kairi shows her the papers. The business is affected by her shenanigans and Kairi is almost fired. Kairi’s uncle gives up his position in atonement for Kairi’s messy life, and Kairi ends up becoming the CEO of the company.

In her attempts to forget Kairi, Mia gets engaged to Miyazawa. While the man is incredibly in love with her, she cannot even be bothered to remember that he is waiting for her at a restaurant. He can see that Kairi still takes priority in her heart, so he breaks up with her. As he walks away, you realize that he broke up with her because she could not break up with him.

Mia and Kairi have another moment; the two go off together for a trip. They spend the night, and speak vows in church, when Kairi puts a ring made out of a flower on her finger. They kiss, and then go back to their lives, knowing that this is the end.

Mia ends up going back to her hometown. And a year passes. One day, while back in town for her job, she comes across Yuka’s creation, which she wants to buy. Yuka refuses, and then goes home to Kairi. There, she finally confesses to Kairi that she deliberately drove forward through a red light, hoping to commit a double suicide, because she’d rather die with Kairi than to live apart.

She then arranges a wedding, inviting Mia to the nuptials. (She sends Miyazawa Rio with the invite.) When Mia gets to the venue, Kairi explains that Yuka wanted to do this for the two of them. The two get married in front of their loved ones.

About the Side Characters: Akari and Chiaki both get entangled with Kuno Atsushi. Akari loves him for his writing. Chiaki wants him for some other reason. Kuno is experimenting with the two of them to figure out what love is. Chiaki tells Akari about the experiment. Akari then backs away from Kuno, who has now realized that he is in love with Akari, even though he has been having a sexual relationship with Chiaki. Chiaki then reveals to Akari that she has been in love with her for years, and Akari never looks at her. And that is why Chiaki takes away every man that Akari may be interested in. Akari then says she would like to be best friends forever. Akari then goes to Kuno Atsushi and tells him she loves him. He reciprocates. And they end up making out in a crowded restaurant.

The End


I came into this drama with no expectations. I don’t condone adultery, and do not believe that anything would excuse it in real life. Since this was a drama, there was a lot more latitude. While watching the drama, I felt I was seeing a soap opera, which is something I don’t really expect from Japanese dramas. I felt vaguely dissatisfied. I couldn’t even be bothered to feel highly dissatisfied.

Mia – I did not understand her love. She was so ready to fall in love, that I felt like it didn’t even matter who he was. She saw Kairi as prince charming, and by the end of episode 1, she was confessing. Who does that? This is our heroine, and as a viewer, I should be identifying with her. I can’t identify with a woman who cares only about her emotions and nothing about those she’ll hurt with those emotions. She doesn’t care about what Kairi will think about her confession. She doesn’t care about the faceless wife. She cares nothing about Miyazawa Rio, and used him ruthlessly throughout the drama. And her ability to commit to one thing is so nonexistent. She commits to Kairi, but cannot trust him. She doesn’t let him explain when she finds out about his wife. She doesn’t ask him once what he wants out of life, and makes all these decisions right and left for him. She seemed so innocent, but really, from her actions, she had no trouble being manipulative to get what she wanted or being manipulated. And she was a total idiot who suffered from huge amounts of noble idiocy.

Kairi – I was so confused by this guy. I felt sorry for him. He had some bad luck with his choice of mates. His wife betrayed him. He then met and loved Mia, but she was no strong woman. She chased him until she had him, but then couldn’t drop him soon enough for his own good. What I didn’t get was why he stuck with the company? The only reason he was stuck with Yuka was that the company would be harmed, so why stay with the company? Why was it so important? Why not leave it all behind and go off with Mia if he loved her so much? The drama failed to explain that. Maybe I’m not being an adult about this, but to put business and money above your love and lifelong happiness makes no sense to me.

Yuka – was a horrible person. She was spiteful and outright evil. She committed adultery, as well. She tried to kill her husband. She refused to let him go. She made Mia’s life hell, threatening Kairi’s livelihood, Mia’s work and even the company in her quest to keep Kairi. She had no concept of right or wrong, and I had absolutely no sympathy for her. And I’m supposed to believe that she suddenly became sane, without any therapy, and gave Kairi up? And not only gave him up, but arranged a wedding for him with the woman he had an affair with? I think not.

Kairi’s Uncle and his Uncle’s mistress – I still don’t know if he was Kairi’s uncle or Yuka’s uncle. And then, he had a mistress, but was going off on Kairi for having one? Especially, when Yuka was in a coma? And what was with the man forcing Kairi to stay with Yuka, even though they all knew by this point that she was one crazy woman? Who does that for someone they care about? And then his mistress? I just guess I have a different point of view. I cannot respect a woman who is a mistress to a married man.

Chiaki – spent decades ruining any romantic prospects for her best friend, Akari. And gets so easily forgiven?

Akari – I liked her, until she ended up loving a man who slept with her best friend and was experimenting with her. I don’t get why she was in love with that guy.

Kuno Atsushi – was very opaque. Was he a sociopath, who thought it would be okay to play with people’s emotions? Did he have some sort of mental defect, but he was able to fall in love? I didn’t get him, but was glad he turned out to have a heart.

Miyazawa Rio – I felt so sorry for the man, but I also kind of thought he brought it on himself. Why was he so ready to fall in love? And then to fall in love with Mia, a woman who has no love for him, who did not value him, never cared for him and never put him first. Who does that to themselves? He must have had some masochistic urges to allow himself to fall so deeply even when he knew exactly the kind of person she was.

Seisei Suruhodo Aishteru was not a good drama. It was trying so hard to be this very romantic drama, but it wasn’t. I didn’t feel the romance. I didn’t feel the love. I saw a drama that was full of very confused and defective characters that made no sense to me. Without that, I couldn’t sympathize with them. I could only question them and their choices. I came away feeling frustrated and irritated.

And because of that, I could only give it a 4/10. Only try out the drama if you have no expectations, and have no problems with adultery and irritating characters.


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