HIStory 2: Right or Wrong


HIStory 2: Right or Wrong

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Right or Wrong was the first 8-episode Taiwanese drama in the second season of the HIStory series, which is a series that focuses on men falling in love and are in the boys love genre. The drama aired between 1/30/2018 to 2/21/2018 on Choco TV.  Each episode was about 22 minutes long.

This story is about Shi Yi Jie (Jiang Chang Hui), an anthropologist and a professor, who meets Fei Sheng Zhe (Zhang Hang), a student who becomes a nanny for Shi Yi Jie’s young daughter, Yoyo.

Shi Yi Jie grew up in an orphanage, never having a family of his own after losing his parents as a young child. While he was studying, he met a girl, the two became pregnant and married to take care of their child. While Shi Yi Jie worked multiple jobs and studied, his wife soon became burdened with taking care of the home and their child. She bailed, divorcing Shi Yi Jie and leaving Yoyo behind. Shi Yi Jie struggles to take care of both his daughter and do his job, and he is horrible at taking care of his daughter or his home.  Yoyo ends up taking care of her dad, instead.

Fei Sheng Zhe is a young college student, in his second year, I believe. He is 19 years old, almost going on 20. He meets Yoyo one day, and he takes her home, along with a female friend, and the two see the bad conditions in Yi Jie’s home. Somehow, Sheng Zhe becomes the nanny for Yoyo. He goes to the home every day, cleaning, cooking, and becoming a surrogate parent for Yoyo. He helps her with her homework, writes notes to the teacher, and takes care of all of her needs. The one need he can’t actually take care of is her need for a parent in her life.

Fei Sheng Zhe has known that he was gay since a young age. In high school, he fell in love with his senior; Sheng Zhe’s classmates found out about his sexual orientation and began to bully him. His senior, rather than siding with him, ended up denying any relationship with Sheng Zhe. Sheng Zhe went out that night, got drunk or drugged up, and then offered to sleep with the first man he came across. Shi Yi Jie saved him, and then slapped  Sheng Zhe into waking up to the dangerous step he had been about to take. He let Sheng Zhe cry on his shoulder, and then counseled him to save himself for the right person and to use a condom when he did give himself to that right one.

One night, while Sheng Zhe is taking care of Yoyo, she gets sick. Sheng Zhe takes her to the hospital, all the while trying to contact Yi Jie, who is busy with work. While Yi Jie ends up coming later, Sheng Zhe calls him out for being a horrible parent and punches him for his neglect of Yoyo. This is a bad thing not only because Yi Jie is his boss, but also because Yi Jie is his professor in one of his school courses. Sheng Zhe’s anger causes Yi Jie to wake up and realize how his neglecting behavior is affecting his daughter, Yoyo.

Yi Jie begins to spend more time at home, and begins to notice how sweet and caring Sheng Zhe is. Not only does he take care of Yoyo, but he takes care of Yi Jie, as well. Yi Jie hires Sheng Zhe to organize his office at work, and the two become closer over time. Yi Jie expresses his interest to Sheng Zhe, telling the other man that he likes him in a romantic way. Sheng Zhe freaks out and leaves, disappearing from their lives. Yoyo and Yi Jie go looking for him, and they discover that Sheng Zhe had gotten sick and needed emergency surgery.

Not sure about the chronology, but Sheng Zhe returns and the two grow closer. At some point, Yi Jie also tells Sheng Zhe’s mother that he is interested in her son and promises to take care of Sheng Zhe’s needs. She makes him promise that he will not be with Sheng Zhe until the younger man turns 20 years old. The two shake on it.

While Sheng Zhe and Yi Jie are growing closer, Yi Jie’s ex-wife returns. She wants to come back to her family as if she had never left. Yi Jie is justifiably angry and refuses to consider the offer, even as Sheng Zhe is almost guilted into letting the two go because of the ex-wife’s prior right. Yi Jie feels hurt that Sheng Zhe doesn’t love him enough to fight for him. The ex almost kidnaps Yoyo, but the two are able to find the ex and she is convinced to leave.

The ex leaves stage left, and Sheng Zhe and Yi Jie consummate their love, living happily ever after and with plans to get married after 2 years.

The End


I ended up giving this drama 7/10, and I believe that it is worth at least one watch, if not more. Like with anything, these ratings are given based on how much I enjoyed the series, so while I think that this series could definitely be given more points, it didn’t touch me as much as the other HIStory 2 story that came out this season.


Right or Wrong had a much better story than Dark Blue and Moonlight, having a maturity and delving into deeper subjects than I have seen in other BL dramas that I have seen thus far.

In this series, we saw a story about an orphan who never learned how to take care of a family because of his own deprived background. When he grew up, he seemed doomed to repeat that same cycle of loneliness and solitude, even though he was still in his own child’s life. Seeing Sheng Zhe and the example he had with his own single mother, we saw Shi Yi Jie become a better father than he had been before. It also made a huge difference in Yoyo’s life.

We saw a child old before her time, when she was abandoned by her mother and struggled to take care of a father who was miserably failing at the job of being a single parent. She loved her father, but that didn’t mean she wasn’t hurt by his continued absence in her life. She loved her mother, but was not blind to the reality that her mother hadn’t want the life she had with the two of them. She was accepting of her mother leaving her life once more, and overjoyed when Sheng Zhe and her father got together.

We saw a story of a young boy, who had his heart broken at an early age, who struggled with his sexuality, and then took dangerous steps out of depression. We saw him listen and learn from an older man and wait until he found the right one before taking the plunge. We saw that young boy grow into a loving and capable young man, who finally wasn’t afraid to speak his heart and fight for the ones he loved.

We saw, through Shi Yi Jie, the show counseling safe sex and passing no judgment on who someone loved, regardless of their sex/gender.

There were single parents (Sheng Zhe’s mom) who were awesome parents.

There were best friends who cared immensely about their friend’s mental health without being fujoshis.

There was reality, but also a happily ever after.


The actors in this drama did a much better job than Dark Blue and Moonlight. Zhang Hang was raw at times, but I also felt his pain and uncertainty as he played Sheng Zhe in his most vulnerable of moments.

Jiang Chang Hui was also a good actor, and I felt that he was a good Shi Yi Jie, with his laid back attitude and teasing when he began to flirt with Sheng Zhe.

The young actor who played Yoyo did an able job, and I liked her when she was on screen.

The side characters, Sheng Zhe’s friend and mom, Yi Jie’s ex and ex-brother-in-law all did able work in their roles.


The music of the show didn’t really stand out, but it fit the scenes perfectly, and it never interfered with the emotions of the scenes.

I would highly recommend watching this drama; I promise that you won’t regret it.


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