3 Mini-BL Reviews – Uncontrolled Love, Round Trip to Love and HIStory: Obsessed

Uncontrolled Love, Round Trip to Love and HIStory: Obsessed


I recently began watching Boys Love (BL) movies and shows, coming across this genre when watching other Asian dramas like Bromance. It’s those YouTube thumbnails that get you! I’ve seen bits and pieces of a lot of movies/shows from China, completing only a few, some from Thailand, some from Japan (including bits and pieces of Yaoi Anime) and even a couple from Taiwan.

I haven’t seen enough to make any generalizations about the shows or movies, but I do know that most Chinese films post-ban have had either open endings or downright sad endings, with no happily ever afters for the main couple. Japanese films are still as dry/too quiet for me, with that hint of melancholy that seems to soak through every scene in the movie, eating away at any other emotion. Japanese BL anime (called yaoi) is just not my cup of tea. Thailand dramas, the ones that I’ve seen, are of the sweet and young love variety. And I was impressed by one of the Taiwanese dramas I saw. Since I haven’t seen any other mention of Taiwanese BL besides this one series, I wonder if Taiwan is also getting into the BL game?

Most of the shows/movies that I have seen have paper thin plots and some really bad acting. A few of the movies have been adaptations from books, and have some really scary male leads. These leads leave the wrist-grabbing, stalking heroes of Korean dramas miles behind in their quest to make the other male lead their own.

Below I’ve summarized and commented on Uncontrolled Love, A Round Trip to Love, and HIStory: Obsessed which I recently finished watching on YouTube. A shout out to those amazing subbers out there who provide us with the opportunity to watch all Asian Dramas/movies. Continue reading


Revive: Reincarnation of the Superstar


Revive: Reincarnation of the Superstar


I recently watched the Chinese drama Revive: Reincarnation of the Superstar, which starred Ma Ke as the titular superstar. The drama aired on iQiyi from March to May of 2016 and was 16 episodes in length. Ma Ke played the characters of Mu Zi Che/Du Fei/Yun  Xiu; I will call him by all of these names, and which name depends on the characters he is interacting with at that moment. Zhang Xingyu played Liu Yi, the actress in love with Mu Zi Che. Xu Hai Qiao played Feng Jing, ESE’s creative/art director hellbent on making Yun Xiu into a superstar. Han Chae Young played Lin Xuan, the woman in ‘love’ with Du Fei, the man before the reincarnation. Thai actor Mawat Kulrattanarak played Xie Yi, the traitorous best friend.

Revive: Reincarnation of the Superstar is a story about an actor named Du Fei rising to the level of a superstar with the help of those around him. It is Du Fei’s story of overcoming betrayal, secrets and scandal to win the coveted Golden Cypress Award. And it is about his realization that the award means nothing when he is surrounded by those that love him for who he really is. Continue reading

Go, Go, Go




I just finished watching the Chinese drama Go Go Go starring Ruby Lin as the spinster scriptwriter Wang Ming Ming.  The drama also starred Jiro Wang as Eason, Ling Geng Xin as Tong Shao Tian, Maggie Wu as Shen Pei Ni, Hu Bing as Fu Yun Kai and Zhang Lun Shuo as Henry.

Go Go Go begins with Wang Ming Ming as this sad pathetic scriptwriter who dreams of meeting her true love.  She is thirty years old and over the hill in the world’s eyes. She has had almost no romance, has been dumped by her boyfriends, and is easily manipulated by those around her. Ming Ming lacks the ability to make others respect her, and has the tendency to back away from any sort of conflict. Ming Ming has a huge crush on Eason, a has-been singer of the idol group H.E. When she gets the chance to suggest an actor on a drama on which she is assistant writer, she suggests Eason.

Eason is brought onto star in a drama called The Season Rose Blooms. He is bad enough that both the producer, Zhuo Jie, and the main actress, Shen Pei Ni demand that he be killed off. The decision is  made and Eason is to be replaced by a popular actor. Eason, in a desperate attempt to hold onto this opportunity, attempts to seduce Ming Ming into staying on his side. The seduction works only too well, and Ming Ming falls in love, despite Tong Shao Tian, her boss’s son and a boy who is like her little brother, telling her to be careful. Ming Ming fights for Eason, and Eason seeing her passion, her vulnerability and her belief in him, really falls in love with Ming Ming. The two start dating, but their happiness does not last long. Continue reading