Chinese Dramas/Movies

3310 Drama

I am currently branching out into Chinese dramas with the help of websites that have taken the time to carefully translate Chinese novels into English for a non-Chinese speaking audience. These sites have also done episode recaps for novels turned into dramas. Since my first passion is reading, I am especially liking the chance to read a novel and then see the TV adaptation of it. I haven’t watched that many Chinese dramas, and the historical ones don’t really attract me, but the contemporary ones that I have seen have been better than I expected. Listed below are the ratings for the few dramas that I have watched.

Once again ratings of 1-4 is for stuff that makes me wonder why I wasted x number of hours of my life. Anything rated a 5 means that I don’t regret watching the drama, but it didn’t leave me too impressed. And 6 and above mean that I was largely impressed by it in some way.


  1. Advance Bravely     –    6/10
  2. Back in Time: Long Time No See     –  6/10
  3. Heroin aka Addicted the Webseries   –   6/10
  4. Guardian    –    ONGOING
  5. Go Go Go    –    3/10
  6. Just One Smile is Alluring    –    7.5/10
  7. lET’s Shake It     –    6.5/10
  8. Little Fairy     –     2/10
  9. Love Me if You Dare    –    6/10
  10. Love So Beautiful, A       –     4/10
  11. Marry Me or Not    –    6/10
  12. Memory Lost    –    6.5/10
  13. My Sunshine/Silent Separation  – 7.5/10
  14. Pretty Li Hui Zhen    –    5/10
  15. Revive: The Rebirth of a Superstar    –   5/10
  16. Shan Shan Comes to Eat/Boss and Me      –      6/10
  17. Three Lives Three Worlds, Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms      –      10/10



  1. Love (2012)    –   5/10
  2. Love O2O    –     6.5/10
  3. My Sunshine     –    5/10
  4. Rise of the Tomboy    –     3/10
  5. Round Trip to Love, A    –   4/10
  6. Uncontrolled Love    –    4.5/10
  7. Young Detective Dee: Rise of the Sea Dragon    –   4/10

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