Pakistani Dramas

There are very few Pakistani dramas that I enjoy watching, but these are actually the dramas that I watch the  most, because I have no choice. By simply being in the same room as my mother, I sign on to watching about 2 hours of dramas everyday.

I hate Pakistani sitcoms, and enjoy some of the regular Pakistani dramas. I really like the music that these dramas sometimes have, but more often than not I am left disappointed with the story because the drama is preaching a point of view that I cannot agree with. Pakistani dramas tend to focus on the evil that is inherent in mankind and society, and that just leaves me depressed. Like Korean dramas, most Pakistani dramas are melodramatic to the max. I will discuss some of the dramas that stick out in my mind.

Listed below are some of the Pakistani dramas that have stuck in my mind over time, leaving an impression on me. Included in these are some that I have felt compelled to discuss.


  1. Aansoo                        –      5/10
  2. Bol Meri Machlee      –    3/10
  3. Chand Parosa             –     2/10
  4. Dasht                 –   3/10
  5. Dastaan           –             7/10
  6. Des Pardes           –       4/10
  7. Dhoop Kinare       –  10/10
  8. Dil Hai Chota Sa         – 6/10
  9. Doraha –             7/10
  10. Humsafar       –     6/10
  11. Ibn-e-Adam     – 5/10
  12. Mehmaan         – 2/10
  13. Maath     –    6/10
  14. Main Abdul Qadir Hoon    –    6/10
  15. Meri Zaat Zara e Benishan –   7.5/10
  16. Meri Adhoori Mohabbat    – 4/10
  17. Noor Bano                          – 4/10
  18. Pal Do Pal     –     8/10
  19. Parsa                                    – 3/10
  20. Qaid e Tanhai –          6.5/10
  21. Ruswa        –         4/10
  22. Rani Beti Raaj Kare – 1/10
  23. Saij –         5/10
  24. Sandal       – 6/10
  25. Samdhan    –      1/10
  26. Sotayli and other South Asian Dramas    –        1/10
  27. Tanhaniyan           –      10/10
  28. Uroosa      –      6/10
  29. Yaariyan                 –               4/10

4 thoughts on “Pakistani Dramas

  1. Here are ones you will love:

    1.Faaslay and Marvi by noorul huda shah ( beautifully portraying strong female charcters in a sensitive manner – faaslay especially shows a wife dealing with her husbands extra marital with extraordinary grace , dignity and strength refusing to get bound by social mores , the other woman is portrayed sensitively too. marvi is a progressive soacial drama though a bit heavier but worth it)
    2. sitara aur mehrunissa and talash by anwar maqsood ( both beautiful and sensitive and with strong progressive female characters)
    And ofcourse a range of lighter memorable romantic ones by haseena moin over the years – most recent first :
    3. Tanhaiyyan naye silsiley
    Saaray mausam apne hain
    Meri behan maya ….all three are running now and are listed in order of prefernce because i find meri behan maya a bit too filmy but all are more light hearted and all of them cant be faulted on gender counts in the way they portray lovely female characters !
    Then the older classics:
    Pal do pal
    and even older delights :
    kiran kahani
    zer zabar paish

    most of these you can find on but some ( pal do pal, kohar and zer zabar paish are available online otherwise ) and the site has many other nice feel good romances by haseena moin too. you can search by writer

    I can guess your tastes and see a lot of similarity between our views so i can gaurantee you will love them – they are refreshing in showing woman as independent individuals with delightful characters. if u liked dhoop kinarey and tanhaiyyan , you will love these.

    • Hi Shama,

      Thank you for the suggestions. I have watched a few of these (Sitara…, Marvi, pal do pal). A few sound familiar (Faasley, unkahi). One I’m watching right now (Tanhaiyyan Naye Silsiley) because I loved the original Tanhaiyyan. Haven’t really heard of the others. I’ll try to check them out when I have the time.

      If you think our tastes match, I would highly suggest you check out Korean dramas. They can be as good Pakistani dramas. You just have to find the right ones to watch.


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