Dhoop Kinare


Dhoop Kinare

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I recently finished rewatching an old Pakistani Drama called Dhoop Kinare (At the Edge of Sunlight) which originally aired in 1987. The drama starred Rahat Kazmi as Dr Ahmer Ansari.  It also starred Marina Khan as Dr Zoya Ali Khan, a new doctor who comes to work in Dr Ansari’s children’s hospital, and the two gradually fall in love. If anyone has ever read Betty Neel’s books, you can kind of get an idea of the story of Dhoop Kinare. It was refreshing to watch that story play out on the screen.

The drama also starred Sajid Hassan (Dr Irfan) and Badar Khalil (Dr Sheena) as other doctors in the hospital. Dr Sheena was the second female lead, who was desperately in pursuit of Dr Ahmer. Qazi Wajid played Zoya’s beloved father.  Kehsishan Awan plays Anjij, Zoya’s best friend. There were also a whole host of other veteran actors rounding out the cast. Continue reading


Doraha (Crossroads)


I watch very few Pakistani dramas. I might see them in passing or catch an episode here or there because my mom is an avid drama watcher, but I hardly ever sit down and watch every episode of a Pakistani drama. But one of the few ones that caught my attention and held it for its entire run was 7th Sky Entertainment’s Doraha starring Humayun Saeed as Umar, Sonia Rahman as Sara, and Sanam Baloch as Shahla. The drama centers around one woman’s quest to get the man she loves, only to realize, once she has him, that their happily ever after wasn’t all she imagined it to be.

Shahla and Umar are cousins, and Shahla has been in love with Umar for a long, long time. Umar thinks of Shahla as a little sister, and is in love with Sara, a woman he goes to college with. Despite family opposition, Sara and Umar marry and Sara spends the next two years of her life being the perfect wife and daughter-in-law. She puts up with her mother-in-laws bitterness, she takes care of the house and learns to cook (even though she never cooked before), and she is a supportive wife to Umar. Sara comes from an affluent household but learns to live in a small house for Umar, and she adjusts to this lifestyle. She gives up the chance at a career to make her in-laws happy. Despite all of her efforts, Umar’s mother refuses to accept Sara and is always saying bad things about her and to her. Umar eventually gets tired of this and takes the easy way out; he divorces Sara. Continue reading