Seisei Suruhodo Aishteru


Seisei Suruhodo Aishteru

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I just finished watching Japanese drama Seisei Suruhodo Aishteru, which aired from July 12, 2016 to September 20, 2016. The drama starred Takei Emi as our heroine, Kurihara Mia, who is a career woman working for Tiffany & Co. It starred Takizawa Hideaki as Miyoshi Kairi, our hero and a married man. Kinami Haruka played Kairi’s wife, Yuka. And Nakamura Aoi played Miyazawa Rio, the second male lead who was hopelessly in love with Mia.

Takahashi Mitsuomi played Youta, Mia’s stalker ex-boyfriend. Mizusawa Erena played Akari, one of Mia’s best friends/roommates. And Triendl Reina played Chiaki, the other best friend/roommate. Finally, Nakamura Hayato played Kuno Atsushi, the man that comes between Akari and Chiaki and is also Kairi’s best friend.

The drama was a story of adultery, and it contained characters that were all pretty much either hateful, unlikable or contradictory in turns throughout the story. I think the only one that I did not actively dislike was Miyoshi Kairi, but even then I found myself questioning his motives quite often. If one of your hot button issues is adultery, I recommend staying far, far away from this drama.

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Kyo Wa Kaisha Yasumimasu

makihara-noriyuki_1411762255_af_orgKyo wa Kaisha Yasumimasu

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I recently watched a Japanese drama titled Kyo wa Kaisha Yasumimasu (Something like “I’m going to take the day off”), which aired on NTV in Fall 2014. The drama starred Ayase Haruka as Aoshi Hanae, a 30 year old virgin who has her first relationship. Her first relationship is with Tanokura Yuto (played by Fuskushi Sota), a 21-year-old, part time worker at her company. The drama also starred Tamaki Hiroshi playing the second lead, Asao Yu, who was a mysterious stranger, a wise friend, and the rejected second lead in the drama. Continue reading

Hero 2014 Mini Review

tumblr_nkbgmjHRgn1s2asaho7_1280HERO 2014


I just recently finished watching the Japanese drama Hero 2014, which aired on FujiTV. This was the second season for a drama that originally aired in 2001. While the main actor, Kimura Takuya, came back as the main character Kuryu Kohei, and some of the side actors returned as the same characters, the majority of the cast was changed for season 2. This is what I believe led to a disappointing second season, and a largely boring watch. Continue reading

Wakamonotachi 2014


Wakamonotachi 2014 (All About My Siblings)

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I just finished Fuji TV’s Wakamonotachi 2014, which aired from July 2014 to September 2014. The drama seems to be a remake of a 1990’s drama. The remake stars the current hot actors in Japan: Tsumabuki Satoshi (character: Sato Asahi), Eita (ch: Sato Satoru), Mitsushima Hikari (ch: Sato Hikari), Emoto Tasuku (ch: Sato Haru), Nomura Shuhei (ch: Sato Tadashi), Aoi Yu (ch: Sawabe Asuza), Nagasawa Masami (ch: Yashiro Takako), Hashimoto Ai (ch: Nagahara Kasumi), and Yoshioka Hidetaka (ch: Shinjo Masaomi). The drama also had Hirosue Ryoko as a guest star, playing Satoru’s deceased girlfriend.

The story is about five siblings, their trials and tribulations, and how they strike out in the end on their own paths. The story itself had a sad, melancholic feel, but with the feeling of hope at the end as to what may come. The theme song of the drama, which one of the main characters sang throughout the drama, reflected that theme of a long hard road of travel leading to a hopeful future at the end.

The road that you are taking is endlessly long
But why do you clench your teeth and keep going?

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Mother Mini Summary/Review



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I have decided to do mini-summaries of dramas that I really liked while viewing, but did not want to or could not do a full review of the drama.

Please check out the mini-summary for the drama Mother below.

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Natsu no Koi wa Nijiiro ni Kagayaku


I recently watched a Japanese drama called Natsu no Koi wa Nijiiro ni Kagayaku (translation: Summer Romance Shines in Rainbow Color). The drama starred Matsumoto Jun, Takeuchi Yuko, and a great young artist, named Kobayashi Seiran (who played Yuko’s daugther).

Taiga is a struggling second-generation actor who has developed a complex due to his father, a famous actor in his time. Most of the time, Taiga only gets to appear in variety shows. One day when his friend brings him out skydiving, a big wind drags him away from the dropping point and he gets stuck in a tree. A beautiful woman, Shiori (Takeuchi Yuko), rescues him. Shiori is a cheerful woman who laughs away all of her worries. She’s exactly the opposite of Taiga…

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The drama is about a second-generation actor named Kusunoki Taiga, who has been known all his life as his famous father’s son. While he has wanted to be an actor, any jobs he has gotten are because people want to see a famous person’s son. Because of this, he lacks confidence in himself. He also comes to resent his father, thus creating a distance between himself and his father. When his father passes away, he is lost. Taiga has a mother who needs taking care of, and a brother who is a man in his own right. He has a best friend, who suffers from the same second-generation status he does, and a rival (Irabu Joe) who comes to be a friend. Continue reading

Gokusen – Older Japanese Drama

Recently I have been watching Gokusen, an old Japanese drama, again. I enjoyed the first time I watchd it, and I believe that I have downloaded it 3 tmes because I get the urge to watch it every few years.


Gokusen is about the granddaughter of a 3rd generation Yakuza (Japanese mafia) boss. Yamaguchi Kumiko (nicknamed Yakumi) has always wanted to be a teacher, and at the beginning of the show she finally accomplishes her wish. She is put in charge of a class of delinquents and the drama series details how she gains the students trust and helps them. She is tough, having grown up in the world of the Yakuza, but also naive because she has no experience outside that world.Therefore, she is in the perfect position to understand her students (who tend to get into fights, ditch, and do all the things young teens do) and to help them.

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