Seisei Suruhodo Aishteru


Seisei Suruhodo Aishteru

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I just finished watching Japanese drama Seisei Suruhodo Aishteru, which aired from July 12, 2016 to September 20, 2016. The drama starred Takei Emi as our heroine, Kurihara Mia, who is a career woman working for Tiffany & Co. It starred Takizawa Hideaki as Miyoshi Kairi, our hero and a married man. Kinami Haruka played Kairi’s wife, Yuka. And Nakamura Aoi played Miyazawa Rio, the second male lead who was hopelessly in love with Mia.

Takahashi Mitsuomi played Youta, Mia’s stalker ex-boyfriend. Mizusawa Erena played Akari, one of Mia’s best friends/roommates. And Triendl Reina played Chiaki, the other best friend/roommate. Finally, Nakamura Hayato played Kuno Atsushi, the man that comes between Akari and Chiaki and is also Kairi’s best friend.

The drama was a story of adultery, and it contained characters that were all pretty much either hateful, unlikable or contradictory in turns throughout the story. I think the only one that I did not actively dislike was Miyoshi Kairi, but even then I found myself questioning his motives quite often. If one of your hot button issues is adultery, I recommend staying far, far away from this drama.

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Gokusen – Older Japanese Drama

Recently I have been watching Gokusen, an old Japanese drama, again. I enjoyed the first time I watchd it, and I believe that I have downloaded it 3 tmes because I get the urge to watch it every few years.


Gokusen is about the granddaughter of a 3rd generation Yakuza (Japanese mafia) boss. Yamaguchi Kumiko (nicknamed Yakumi) has always wanted to be a teacher, and at the beginning of the show she finally accomplishes her wish. She is put in charge of a class of delinquents and the drama series details how she gains the students trust and helps them. She is tough, having grown up in the world of the Yakuza, but also naive because she has no experience outside that world.Therefore, she is in the perfect position to understand her students (who tend to get into fights, ditch, and do all the things young teens do) and to help them.

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My Favorite Manga

Ever tried manga or graphic novels (as they’re known in the US)? They’re put out by Japanese manga artists, who use pictures and words to tell a complete story. I totally enjoy reading Shojo manga, which is the girly stuff – romance, drama, and everyday life.

Two mangas that I would recommend are Fruits Basket and Kare Kano. I loved how the author gave us an ending for every important character in the story. It was as if every character had their own intrinsic value, and weren’t just there because they were somehow connected to the main character.

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