A Life: A Love Mini-Review


A Life: A Love

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I just finished watching Kimura Takuya’s newest drama A Life: A Love, which aired on TBS in January-February, 2017. The drama starred Kimura Takuya as Dr Okita Kazuaki. Takeuchi Yuko starred as Danjo Mifuyu, an old flame of Okita’s. Asano Tadanobu starred as Danjo Masao, Mifuyu’s husband, Okita’s best friend and the man with the biggest chip on his shoulder. Continue reading


Seisei Suruhodo Aishteru


Seisei Suruhodo Aishteru

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I just finished watching Japanese drama Seisei Suruhodo Aishteru, which aired from July 12, 2016 to September 20, 2016. The drama starred Takei Emi as our heroine, Kurihara Mia, who is a career woman working for Tiffany & Co. It starred Takizawa Hideaki as Miyoshi Kairi, our hero and a married man. Kinami Haruka played Kairi’s wife, Yuka. And Nakamura Aoi played Miyazawa Rio, the second male lead who was hopelessly in love with Mia.

Takahashi Mitsuomi played Youta, Mia’s stalker ex-boyfriend. Mizusawa Erena played Akari, one of Mia’s best friends/roommates. And Triendl Reina played Chiaki, the other best friend/roommate. Finally, Nakamura Hayato played Kuno Atsushi, the man that comes between Akari and Chiaki and is also Kairi’s best friend.

The drama was a story of adultery, and it contained characters that were all pretty much either hateful, unlikable or contradictory in turns throughout the story. I think the only one that I did not actively dislike was Miyoshi Kairi, but even then I found myself questioning his motives quite often. If one of your hot button issues is adultery, I recommend staying far, far away from this drama.

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Alice No Toge (Alice’s Thorn)




I just finished watching TBS’s Alice no Toge (Alice’s Thorn). The drama starred Ueno Juri as Mizuno Asumi (Osanai). Asumi lost her father 15 years ago and spent the past 15 years working towards getting revenge on the individuals responsible for her father’s death. On the way, she is assisted Reporter Nishikado Yusuke (played by Odagiri Joe) and Nurse Hoshino Miwa (played by Chiaki Kuriyama). The show’s title comes from a book that Asumi was given by  her father before his death. Her obsession with her father’s death is evidenced in the mode her revenge takes, as she targets the perpetrators, making sure to label them as the villainous characters from Alice in Wonderland.


Asumi returns to the hospital where her father worked and died 15 years ago. Initially, she believes that her father’s death was due to medical error, but she is quick to realize that it was so much more. Before she can begin her true revenge, Nishikado Yusuke, who she also knew 15 years ago, realizes who she is and attempts to join her. He wants to atone for the error he made 15 years ago in accusing Asumi’s father of embezzling funds from the hospital. While Asumi does not want anyone’s help, having spent all this time alone, she does allow him to join her once he proves that he is on her side. Continue reading

Ando Lloyd – AI Knows Love?

Ando Lloyd poster

Ando Lloyd – AI Knows Love?


Just finished watching TBS’s sci-fi drama Ando Lloyd, which aired from October to December of 2013. The drama starred Kimura Takuya in the dual roles of Matsushima Reiji, genius researcher, and Ando Lloyd, the android sent back in time to protect Ando Asahi, Reiji’s fiance. Ando Asahi was played by Shibasaki Kou. I was happy to see the couple acting together again since the last time I saw them was in Good Luck!!

Oshima Yuko plays Matsushima Nanase, Reiji’s sister. Kiritani Kenta played Hoshi Shinzo, Asahi’s co-worker and genius hacker. Honda Tsubasa played Suppli, Ando Lloyd’s nurse and general savior. Yamaguchi Sayaka plays Komatsu Sakiko, Asahi’s other co-worker. Kiritani Mirei plays The Last Queen, super advanced and super crazy android. Hiraoka Yuka plays Kadoshiro Hajime, another android, converted to Ando Lloyd’s cause.  Finally, Endo Kenichi plays Ashimo Isaku, seemingly the last honest, surviving police officer.

Matsushima Reiji is a brilliant scientist that somehow discovers something about 2113 (I’m still not sure what, though), and because of his overriding concern of protecting his fiance, Ando Asahi, he somehow seals the path between the future and the past, meaning no one can travel between the two times. Matsushima Reiji is killed to “unclog” the path. That doesn’t work. And then, the great minds of the future theorize that Reiji’s feelings for Asahi are causing the problem. They decide that killing Asahi will clear up the problem. To kill her, they send 11 androids. Continue reading