Wannueng Jaa Pben Superstar aka I Wanna be a Sup’tar


Wannueng Jaa Pben Superstar aka I Wanna Be a Sup’tar (Superstar)


I recently finished Thai GMM TV’s I Wanna Be a Superstar, which aired in August to  October 2015. The drama starred Put Puttichai as Win Pakorn, the superstar that comes into our heroines life. Gypso Ramita Mahapreukpong played Wannueng, our heroine who wanted to be the superstar. Woonsen Virithipa Pakdeeprasong played May, the superstar second lead. Tao Sattaphong Phiangphor played MeeDee, our lovelorn second male lead, in love with the clueless Wannueng. Bom Anuruk Boonpermpoon played Tom, Win Pakorn’s friend, and Thanawat Prasitsompom played Lukpit, Wannueng’s very supportive friend.

I Wanna Be a Superstar was about one girl’s dream of becoming a superstar. She has never given up on this dream, despite the disapproval of her parents, how tired her friends may have gotten carrying her while she is doing this, nor the fact that she has only ever gotten stand in jobs and been derided for her inability to act. Along comes Win Pakorn, the man who buys her home and changes her life. This is the story of how the common Wannueng becomes a superstar.


The drama begins with Wannueng going to be the armpit stand in for a superstar. She does the stand in work, and then is disappointed by the small amount of pay she gets for the day. She goes and convinces Lukpit, her friend, to pay for lunch. She also has interactions with another friend, MeeDee, who is clearly in love with her. Wannueng has no feelings for him beyond friendship, but is not above hitting him up for free meals. Later that night, she sneaks into a home and goes to sleep. We find out that Wannueng’s family has sold the family home and gone to England. They call and urge Wannueng to join them, but Wannueng refuses, adamant that she will make it on her own and become a dara (superstar). Continue reading


Dok Ruk Rim Tang AKA Love Flower by the Edge of the Road


Dok Ruk Rim Tang aka Love Flower by the Edge of the Road

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I just finished watching Dok Ruk Rim Tang (DRRT), English translation “Love Flower by the Edge of the Road”, which aired on Thailand’s Channel 5 between May and June, 2010.

The drama starred Bie Sukrit Wisedkaew as Patthavee (Pattavee or Vee), our hero. Wannarot Sontichai (Vill) starred as the heroine, Anuch aka Ood (when disguised as a boy). Fang Pitchaya Srithep played Janejira, the dreaded other woman. Toey Jarinporn Joonkiat played Patcha, the parallel lead, a sweet girl and the heroine’s best friend’s girl. And Oh Anuchit Sapunpohng played Than, our heroine’s very supportive (and very rich) best friend.

The drama begins with an old man sitting sadly in his home, remembering how his cruel ex-wife dragged off his precious daughter when he threw her over for a newer, younger version, Jittri. Jittri turns out to be a gold-digger (surprise!), who is having an affair with her assistant. When the old man catches them together and tries to kick her out. Her assistant pushes him off the stairs, and the two force him to sign over his property when he becomes paralyzed by the fall before killing him off. Before he dies, the old man hides his true will in a painting and leaves behind as witness his faithful dog, Hangtu.

The real story begins when the old man’s daughter, Anuch, comes back from abroad after learning of her father’s death. Continue reading

Roy Leh Sanae Rai


Roy Leh Sanae Rai aka 100 Trickery’s Dangerous Passion aka Trickery Mischievous Charms

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I just recently finished watching Roy Leh Sanae Rai 2014, a remake of a Thai lakorn that originally aired in 2002. The new lakorn aired in Summer of 2015. This was a slap/kiss lakorn, and had a couple of rape/forced seduction scenes. The drama starred Put Puttichai as Kongpope, our hero. It starred Lily Pansirithanachote as Namneung, our innocent heroine. Chinawut Indracusin played Tor, the second lead who is in love with our heroine, and Note Panayanggool played Yim, our heroine’s best friend and the woman in love with Tor. We also had a whole host of women who wanted to be Mrs. Kongpope and the older generation striving to keep our OTP apart.

Roy Leh Sanae Rai was the story of Kongpope and Namneung. Kongpope discovers that his father has left half his wealth to a stranger named Namneung. In his quest to get his money back from this undeserving woman, he hatches a scheme to seduce her into marriage and have her sign over all of her yet undiscovered wealth.

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Fun Fueng


Fun Fueng

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I just finished watching ONE HD’s Thai drama Fun Fueng, which means Daydream. The drama was 16, 86-minute, episodes and aired in November, 2014. It starred Put Puttichai (Push) as Rattrawee/Wee and Warattaya Nilkuha (Jui) as Montira/Monta/Mon. It also starred Kangsom Tanatat Chaiyaat as Athit and Mo Monchanok Saengchaipiangpen as Wilailuck/Wilai.

The drama is about two sets of couples lying to each other about their identities and their backgrounds, and falling in love despite those lies. The rest of the story is how they untangle the web they have weaved and find their way to a happily ever after.

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Leh Nangfah


Leh Nangfah

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I just finished watched a Thai lakorn called Leh Nangfah, which  means Angel Magic or Fairy Magic. The drama starred Thai actress, Vill (full name View Wannarot Sontichai) as Lallalit/Beauty, our heroine, and Push (full name Put Puttichai) as our hero, Teepob.

This was my first Thai lakorn ever, although I have seen some videos of the famous Thai lakorn genre, slap/kiss, and hadn’t been too impressed. In contrast, Leh Nangfah was a rom-com with a zany premise and it quickly pulled me in . The drama is about one woman’s journey from being the spoiled brat she is to a mature, lovable human being.

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