Domestic Violence Portrayal in two Pakistani Dramas

My parents love watching Pakistani dramas, more so because my mom can only fully understand Urdu and is able to enjoy these dramas on her own versus watching American television/movies, where she would need help to understand most of the dialogue.

Two of the dramas they recently finished watching, and I chanced to see most of were Bund Khirkiyan (Closed Windows) and Rishtay Kuch Adhoorey Se (Incomplete Relationships).

When watching these dramas, whether actively or passively, I was shocked and disgusted by their endings and felt like I needed to write this blog post to work through the feelings these dramas evoked in me as a female audience member.

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Bund Khirkiyan (Closed Windows)

Bund Khirkiyan aired from 20 July 2018 – 22 February 2019 on HumTV. The story centered around Saboohi (pictured above) and her husband, Zain (also pictured above). The two are married, but Zain has this obsessive need for Saboohi’s attention to be on him 100% of the time. Any time other obligations call her away, he has a tantrum. Continue reading


I Have a Lover


I Have a Lover

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I Have a Lover is a 50-episode Korean Drama that aired between 8/22/2015 and 2/28/2016 on SBS. The drama starred Kim Hyun Joo in the double role of twins, Do Hae Kang (the cheated on wife) and Dokgo Yong Ki (twin sister). Ji Jin Hee played Choi Jin Eon, Hae Kang’s husband, and the person who “ha[s] a lover” in the drama. Park Han Byul played Kang Seol Ri as the “lover”.

The drama is about Do Hae Kang’s journey from the cold, ambitious woman she used to be at the beginning of the series to the loving, caring humanitarian woman she ends up becoming after living through the trials and tribulations of being a K-drama heroine. At the beginning of the drama, Do Hae Kang had a strong sense of character, and she was using her powers for bad. It is only once she learns about loss and love while living with her adopted family does she change and become a better human being.  Continue reading

HIStory 2 – Crossing the Line AKA Boundary Crossing


HIStory 2: Crossing the Line AKA Boundary Crossing

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The third and final Taiwanese BL series I recently watched was the second story in the HIStory 2 series, Crossing the Line. It was an 8-episode BL drama that aired from 3/6/2018 to 3/28/2018, with each episode coming in at 22 minutes long. The drama starred Fandy Fan as Xia Yu Hao, our main character. Zach Lu was Qiu Zi Xuan, the object of Xia Yu Hao’s affections. Nick Yang played Wang Zhen Wen, Xia Yu Hao’s friend and the younger brother of Wang Zhen Wu. Patrick Shih played Wang Zhen Wu, Zhen Wen’s older brother.

The BL drama had two basic BL story lines, one of the delinquent and the volleyball geek and the other of the two step-siblings, with many other characters that added depth to a story that we had only 8 episodes to view and enjoy.  I highly recommend this series as one that is a must watch for all BL drama viewers out there.

The drama is about Xia Yu Hao, a rebel on the surface, and a loving and caring son deep underneath. It is about Qiu Zi Xuan, a high school senior who has had setbacks in his life, and about how he has persevered despite them. It is about Zhen Wen and Zhen Wu, step-siblings who are learning to redefine their relationship in a new way. And it is about their friends and family, who are living their lives one day at a time, working at the things they are passionate about and supporting the main characters. Continue reading

HIStory 2: Right or Wrong


HIStory 2: Right or Wrong

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Right or Wrong was the first 8-episode Taiwanese drama in the second season of the HIStory series, which is a series that focuses on men falling in love and are in the boys love genre. The drama aired between 1/30/2018 to 2/21/2018 on Choco TV.  Each episode was about 22 minutes long.

This story is about Shi Yi Jie (Jiang Chang Hui), an anthropologist and a professor, who meets Fei Sheng Zhe (Zhang Hang), a student who becomes a nanny for Shi Yi Jie’s young daughter, Yoyo. Continue reading

Dark Blue and Moonlight

So, in my continuing journey to watch more BL dramas out there, I recently watched Dark Blue and Moonlight from Taiwan. I thought I’d share my views on it in this post.

I think I am liking Taiwanese BL dramas the best thus far, although some Thai BL dramas are a close second. They are both generous with their kissing, but story wise, the only Thai dramas I’ve seen are coming of age/falling in love series, so those seem a bit juvenile to me. There might be other more mature Thai BL out there, but I haven’t looked into it too deeply and I always need my dramas to have a happy ending, so there is that added limitation. Chinese dramas are still censoring the L part of BL, leading us to lackluster bromances that leave most fans disappointed (Advanced Bravely anyone?).

Other reviews to follow. 🙂


Dark Blue and Moonlight

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Dark Blue and Moonlight was a 12-episode Taiwanese BL series that aired from 11/21/2017 to 12/27/2017. Each episode was about 22 minutes long. The series was about Su Hai Qing (Aric Chen)  and his aspirations to becoming an artist. It was about Yan Fei (Wang Ting Yun), a high level employee in a media company, and his live-in lover, Jimmy (Lin Charles); the two have been together for years, but Yan Fei still hides this relationship from his mother and the two seem to be on the brink of breaking up. It was about Chen Ping Jun (Tim Huang), who meets and falls in love with Hai Qing, but ends up losing him.

Ultimately, this story was about how Hai Qing and Yan Fei met, fell in love and achieved their happily ever after at the cost of hurting their respective partners immensely. Continue reading

Suspicious Partner


Suspicious Partner

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I just finished watching Korean Drama Suspicious Partner, which aired from May 10 to July 13, 2017. The drama starred Ji Chang Wook as No Ji Wook and Nam Ji Hyun as Eun Bong Hee. Choi Tae Joon starred as Ji Eun Hyuk, Ji Wook’s former friend, and Nara starred as Cha Yoo Jung, Ji Wook’s ex-girlfriend. Dong Ha plays Jung Hyun Soo, the serial killer.

Suspicious Partner was about the law and the people that help to make sure that it is upheld, that the guilty pay for their crime and the innocent are freed. It also sets out to show the damage that can occur when the law is not properly upheld.

Eun Bong Hee, our heroine, is a bright law student that has a great future in front of her. Currently interning at the Prosecutor’s Office, she recently lost her boyfriend to another woman and was ‘outed’ as a cheater. Not letting any of it keep her down, Bong Hee mildly harasses her ex-boyfriend and his new girlfriend, and works hard at her internship. Continue reading

Attention, Love!


Attention, Love!

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Attention, Love! was a Taiwanese drama that aired from July 30, 2017 to November 05, 2017. The drama starred Wang Zi as Yan Li Zheng, our hero, and Joanne Tseng as Zhong Shao Xi, our heroine. Riley Wang played Wang Jin Li, the second lead that spends half the drama in love with Shao Xi. Guo Shu Yao played An Xiao Qiao/Angelina, the heroine’s reluctant friend who loved Jin Li.

Attention, Love! is a story about Li Zheng and Shao Xi who have been linked from birth. The two are named by the same person, almost immediately engaged at birth, and meet again when they are in high school, when Li Zheng comes to live with Shao Xi’s family.  This drama is about how the two fall in love, grow to accept that love, and grow as persons through knowing each other.

Continue reading